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    Ride August 2016.JPG
    Ride: Yamaha NMAX 155
    First day - KL to GT

    Second Day: GT to Songkhla Thailand via Bukit Kaya Hitam
    Needed documents to cross the border
    1- Motor Vehicle Registration(photo copy will do)if not under your name, need a letter from the Owner
    2- Thailand Insurance, you can get this before reaching the border for 16RM ( they offer white card there as well for 2RM, but you can get this for free )
    3- Passport
    - Before queueing to get your passport stamp, ask for the whitecard ( fill up both Arrival and Departure )
    After you got the entry stamp(Thailand)
    - Proceed to Customs booth with your bike (you can park at the side)
    Fill up the form TM2 and TM3(if you have a pillion passenger)you can download it here
    Thai Immigration Forms Updated July 2016 downloadable
    Hand your insurance dox and the the TM2&TM3(if needed) form
    ** Keep the Simplified Customs Declaration Form and dont forget to return it going back **

    Customs form.
    After getting the form signed...you're all set
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    following day 4AM take off back to Bukit kaya hitam ( Sadao Immigration )

    ** Upon reaching Bukit kaya hitam ( Sadao Immigration )Have your passport stamp then return Customs Declaration Form, then on your way to Malaysia Immigration
    Sungai Petani to Kelantan


    After Kelantan, back to KL
    Total Kms 1701

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  4. DavidFL

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    Nice report & info.
    It looks like you've done a few trips across the border before - you were well organized.
    Do you have a favourite Thai - Malaysian border crossing?
  5. marcusfilter

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    it's my first time to cross border, but with the help of GT Rider forum members, I was able to plan it and execute it the way I like it.

    **Do you have a favorite Thai - Malaysian border crossing? - I cross the Sadao border cause I was told that it was the nearest from Penang.

    *****Planning to the SE borders by next year, Planning and reading some articles how to do it.
    @DavidFL , Question...Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia can be done by MC w/o any trouble? Thanks

  6. DavidFL

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    The GTR Border crossing info starts here
    Border Crossings
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    Awesome ride Marcus.. May I suggest an alternate route.
    After passing Grik, you can directly go up north towards Baling and Padang Terap. There are 3 lakes within that northern region with breathtaking views, Lake Beris, Pedu & Muda. There is also a new border crossing, CIQ Kota Putera (6.470528, 100.708347) with less traffic and faster processing time.

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