KLIM Latitude?

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by feejer, May 23, 2014.

  1. Any GT-Riders have experience with this one?


    I have the KLIM Dakar pants and they are the best Dual Sport/Adv. riding pants I have owned by far. Top quality and comfortable in all but most extreme conditions.
    Unfortunately, KLIM does not make a matching Dakar Jacket.

    The Latitude seems to be the closest to what I am looking for in a "one size fits all" conditions upper. Just looking for any pros/cons before I shell out 600-700 large on ordering a jacket.
    But it seems that is the going price for decent stuff. The usual suspects (AlpineStars, Joe Rocket, FirstGear) all seem to have outsourced to the lowest bidders, quality has gone to sheit lately
    in my observation at least.
  2. I agree with the Klim Dakar Pants. I suspect we live at the wrong 'Latitude' for the Latitude Jacket though. I associate Goretex jackets with wet and Cold Conditions, They breathe but I suspect your not going to get the Airflow we need here. Just an opinion of course :think:
  3. Yeah, must agree with Lakota, looks a bit much for this climate. Would work in the cool winter months, but once the mercury hits the 90's I reckon you're gonna bake in that jacket...
  4. Thanks for the replies. It certainly wouldn't be the coolest choice, but I would certainly want some good waterproofing for an extended ride in SEA or anywhere in the tropics. And it does have some venting and removable liner. Guess I just have to go for it and also pack a mesh jacket in the duffel if it gets really sizzling. Those usually compress pretty well anyway.
  5. Wearing rain gear in >90 degree heat is, in my humble opinion, self defeating. I'd rather be wet from rain than sweat. Ride through, get wet, find the sun on the other side, dry off. It's always worked for me! :thumbup:

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