KLX 125 for Rent.

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Ian Bungy, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know where You can rent the New KLX 125 in Chiang Mai? I have some friends coming from Singapore and want to Rent them for their Ladies. I haven't actually seen any 125 amongst the Hundreds of other Kawasaki Models out there for Rent!
  2. My mate just told me that there is an shop on Suthep Road.

    Heading to the University on Suthep Road pass intersection
    Nimhanemin and then about a 100-150 mtr on your left.

    Havent been there yet, will take some pictures and get
    the adress for you if you want.

  3. Thank You Dannie!
  4. I was there today, (The Shop's Name is "Bikky") its just like 50 Mtrs behind the intersection,
    they had only one DTracker 125 there today and nobody could or wanted to speak englisch :)

    Did some pictures from the shop to help find em but left the camera somewhere :? , will post them later.
  5. No Phil, I brought 3 KLX 140 for the Jungle, No Plates or lights etc. My friends are coming from Singapore and wanted the KLX 125 for their Ladies to Ride? Thanks for the Info Dannie!
  6. Drove past the shop last Friday, saw a white KLX125. They usually have 2 D-Trackers (125) and one KLX 250 there (with modified exhaust and lower than the original one). The guy who rents them is very nice as well and don't ask you to leave passport or anything.

    EDIT: It's on suthep road, between traffic light that goes to nimaan and traffic light that goes to wing 41 (it's on the left side).
  7. If anybody's still not able to find th shop, here some pictures (found the cam again).


    "Kee" speaks English and you can reach him on his Mobile: 0896329944
    (Thanks Elton for the Info)

    I had em on the phone today and he told me they have 2x KLX and 3x DTracker.

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