KLX 150cc 2014 - How good and reliable is the engine

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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in buying a KLX 150cc 2014. The bike is bigger with bigger wheels. However i was wondering if anyone knows how reliable the engine is?

    I would appreciate any information about this bike.

  2. Hi Chris. I have 5 X KLX140. The Motocross ones and they are Fantastic! Tough as! I know a few People have the 150 and they are very Impressed with them as well.Don't Worry about Reliability, They are Great Little Bikes and a Real Bargain given their Low Cost! Let Us know how You get on? Good Luck.
  3. Chris, can only echo Ian's post, Thai friend of mine has one down the Pats way and I'm sometimes borrowing it during weekends down there, great little engine/bike and very frugal too..........cheers, Franz
  4. Hasn't the 144cc mill been in the off-road version for years?

    I wish Honda would build a CRF150 with the brilliant little CBR engine.
  5. Captain Slash recently bought one and he puts huge mileages on his bikes ,,
  6. The KLX150 (what is actually the KLX140?) looks like a great little bike. I have been considering buying one just to play in the dirt (and might still do that).

    But for this function (playing in the dirt) I have also been considering to buy a secondhand KLX250 and change the rims to smaller ones (for my short legs).
    Anyone tried that?
  7. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the help. On here and from other people i have only heard positive things about this bike. I think it would be perfect here in Vietnam. Any more information would be appreciated!

  8. Only problem for me is that it's too small. If you stand next to it it doesn't seem bigger than a Honda MSX 125 aka Grom.

    I wish Honda would bring back the MTX 125 which had full-size wheels and looked like a 250!
  9. KZ25 They make a KLX 150 with Full Size wheels! 21 inch front! You must be thinking of the KSR?
  10. We have a 150 KLX which so far has been an ok bike for short stints in the dirt. I certainly wouldn't want to do a longer extended trip on one. I find them a bit gutless. We have spent a lot on modifications which has certainly helped.

    As for a KLX 250, no need to change the wheels to smaller size. Very easy and cheap to obtain lowering links which drop the height but allow you to keep the bike in original form. Did this previously on my wife's KLX250
  11. Even with 21/18" wheels the KLX150L is small. The bigger wheels make the bike come up a bit but the wheelbase is the same.
    KLX125i/140/150 wheelbase is nine cm less than the KLX250's which makes a big difference.
    Also the weight gives it away: the little 150 is about 30 kg less than the 250.
    A CBR150R looks about as big as a CBR250R next to each other, but you can tell right away that the KLX150 is smaller than the KLX250.
    The KSR110 is of course the smallest.
    I'm not tall, I'm 5'10" but if I sit on one there's hardly any space behind me on the seat.


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