Klx 250 ecu update

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  1. Hi whats this with the new updated ecu that should be fitted i have heard you have to pay for that?
    I thought they come with the restricted ECU and its cost 8,000bt for the unrestricted type?
  2. The KLX / D-Tracker had a Recall from Kawasaki which Replaced the Standard ECU as there was some Complaints about the Bikes cutting out and Stalling at traffic Lights etc. The New ECU solved that Problem :wink: Top Speed is still around 110kmh and the Bike won't Rev much over 7000 in the Top 3 Gears!!!
    Kawasaki Dealers are Also offering a Performance ECU which comes with Regulator as well, This Costs 8000 Baht :shock: I have fitted this and the Bike Now Revs out in in all Gears 8) Normal Top Speed is about 130kmh or more. I had mine up to 141kmh on Tuesday evening :lol: Much improved and Performs how it should have in the First Place!!!
  3. Ian are you finding that your unrestricted KLX is now loosening up running un-restricted?

    It’s hard to confirm, but my D-Tracker feels as if it builds the revs faster in fourth and fifth after a month of De-restriction. Only reached 136 quite quickly with tucking during the first trails after modding my own bike, but I wasn’t after top speed just Fortuner passing ability.

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