KLX 250 or D-Tracker 250 wanted to buy

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  1. Mares

    Mares New Member


    I just got back into town and would like to buy a Kawasaki KLX 250 or
    D-Tracker in very good condition with low mileage and at a realistic price.

    Please kindly let me know, if you have such a bike for sale.


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  3. coley

    coley Member

    Hi, I have a 2005 white and black D-tracker 300cc (factory bore) imported from Japan. I am selling for a very fair price as it does not have a plate yet. I have the import papers and have been riding it around for about 8 months now. It has just over 24k on the clock and is in very good condition. Comes with risers on the handlebars and a great sounding replacement exhaust that makes it sound fantastic. A real head turner. Not sure if it is what you want but if you are interested or want to know more please call me. Colin on 0879087588 or mail me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    I am near Don Muang airport, Bangkok. I am sure delivery can be arranged after a viewing. Just ask if you want photos etc. Colin
  4. rich1968

    rich1968 Ol'Timer

    Due to re-locating, I have a 2004 Japananese carb version, black plastics with white Factory-Effex Graphics, black front forks. 22,000klms. Yoshimura Tri-cone exhaust, Excel rims, RGK 0-Ring gold chain, Galfer U.S.A front-disc, Zeta fat-bar,Zeta bar-clamps. Taxed/insured until June 23rd 2011. Price 88,000 baht o.v.o. E-mail for pics or see the bike for sale on Mocyc.com on the link....... http://www.mocyc.com/store/view.php?idclassified=348136
  5. Andersen

    Andersen Member

    Hi Mares,

    I saw this add for a KLX 250 in a thai website. http://www.thaisecondhand.com/_board/ca ... 67154.html

    ???????????????????????? klx 250 cc ?????? ???? 2009
    ???? : 129000 ???
    ?????????? : ????????? ???? 99 %
    ???????????? : 23-06-2010 21:49:02 - ?????????????? 23-06-2010 21:49:02
    ???????????????????????? klx 250 cc ?????? ???? 2009 ????????? ?.?.2553 ???????? ? ???????????????? 99.99%
    ????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????? 800 ???????????? ????????????????????????????
    ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????? ? ????????? ????????????????????????? ???? 129,000 ??? ??????????
    ??????????? 081-9700977,086-6862817 ???????????

    2009 model with 800 km. Mint condition. Foreign owner with with Thai wife. Wife selling the bike after husband went back to his home country.......thus assume she speak some English.
  6. Mares

    Mares New Member

    :...2009 model with 800 km. Mint condition. Foreign owner with with Thai wife. Wife selling the bike after husband went back to his home country.......thus assume she speak some English....

    Turns out, the bike is in Nakhon Si Thammarat province not far from the Malaysian border.
    To check it out there and bring it back to Chiang Mai seems not worthwhile the discount.

    Thanks for the tip anyway.

    Basically, I am looking for a fairly new (2009 / 2010) local made bike,
    with legal green book, registered and viewable in Chiang Mai.

    There were some offers for around 100,000 Baht, but unfortunately
    I missed them. Perhaps, another one will come my way soon.

    Thanks again.

  7. frankbollen

    frankbollen New Member

    Hi Mares.
    I've got what you want: A 9 month's old black Kawasaki DTracker 250 bought at Kawasaki Chiang Mai on 16 September 2009.
    All Books, Registration and Tax paid for. Upgraded with original Kawasaki UnRev-Box to rev up to 136 km/h; British made Fat Bars - wider and a bit higher in Black; Engine protection bottom Scratch Plate, Engine side Guard protection; Led Backlight and Led indicators fitted; Spring back Front Brake and Clutch Handles; Alarm Lock. Near to perfect condition, 1 service done at the Kawa-shop, the bike never fell down, done less then 3000 kms and it's a real eye-catcher. Bought for 181000, Goes for 130000 o.n.o. Send me an E-mail to exchange phone-numbers so we can set up a meet to see the bike. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] Thanks, Frank.

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