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Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by mastamax, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I rented 2 KLX 250 last weekend for me and my gf. I never drove this bike before, but a lot of other bikes (had a Yamaha Fazer 1000 back home), and never had a bike that tall. I'm average size (1m76), pretty light (about 65kg) and could just touch the ground with the tip of my toes when on the bike. So imagine my gf, had to help her get on the bike cause it was too high.

    Is this a suspension issue (cause it's a rented bike they may have set the suspension hard) or is the klx250 so high in general?

    Wanted to go offroad with my gf, but she doesn't feel confortable at all with such a tall bike, is there any alternative (thought about the klx 140 but can't find it to rent anywhere)?

    Cheers for advises.
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    The suspension is set in the factory for an average weight rider. They do not set the suspension based on the rider’s height.
    If you are too light for the standard springs fitted to both the front and rear of the bike even if the preload is backed completely off, you and your ladies body weight for each bike may not be enough to push the spring down. Probably more so for your lady as i expect her body weight to be much less than you.
    Or the sag may be set too hard from the factory.
    If the spring is close to correct for your weight, when you sit on the bike the suspension should compress about 75mm on both the front and the rear. A rule of thumb is approximately 1/3 of the suspension travel for sag.
    The KLX 250 has 255mm at the front and 230mm at the rear, suspension travel.
    You need this much suspension travel if the bike is used in really rough terrain and if you jump the bike.
    The KLR 250 seat height is 890 mm from the factory so once you are on the bike the seat height should reduce to 815mm if the spring and preload are correct for your weight.
    As you hired the bikes there is no way to change springs but you could wind the preload right off and allow lots of sag. You may then reach the ground with your feet.
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    Thanks for the reply, I did notice than when my gf sat on the bike it would almost not compress, that may be the problem. I was wondering if off road bikes were meant to be so high (drove lot of downhill mountain bike but was the first time I tried a off road motorbike). Also tried the KLX 140 2 weeks ago (at x-center) which is much better fit for her, but I don't think it is possible to rent it since it's not a registerable bike, right?
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    Mastamax, are you still around?
    You probably have heard of the KLX 125 by now, that would be the perfect bike for your GF and it's for rent.
    Watch out that she doesn't ride rings around you!

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