KLX 330 Big Bore Kit.

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Muzz, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Found this on the internet


    I contacted them, but no reply yet. Just wondering if there was enough interest maybe a bulk order could get us some discount. Alternatively, I just wanted to see if this kit is available in Thailand currently through anybody!


  2. Hi Muzz

    This is fitted to a US version which has a Carb not FI

    The FI vesion in Thai / Europe is more difficult - it will take the same kit, but making sure it has enough fuel is a challenge.

    A 300CC kit is available from Kawasaki (or atleast the parts seperately for a kit)

    Custom Craft does the 330 kit

    Bill Blue does a 351 kit

    If you search the net there is only two people who have posted about fitting a BB kit on a FI bike - where as there's hundreds for the Carb bike.

    I think that if you have fitted the Performance ECU from Keihin then that MAY give enough fuel for the 300 kit

    - but not sure for the other size kits which need more fuel -

    You can also add a juice box to give more fuel and that combined with the Performance ECU MAY help - but its a risk as its not very proven.

    Kits are between 500 Dollars and 750 Dollars in USA - the 300 kit from Kawasaki is probably cheaper in Thailand.

    FYI Kawasaki Part Numbers you need for the 300 Kit are

    11005-1983 Cylinder
    13002-1109 Piston Pin
    13008-1071 Piston Ring Set
    92033-1054 Snap Rings - 2 off Required
    11004-1314 Head Gasket
    11060-1740 Base Gasket
    13001-1463 Piston

    As I said - these kits have been fitted to lots of USA carb bikes which have the same engine, just Carbs not FI

    Have a look here - good fitting guide.


    Hope this helps??
  3. Thanks for the info Simon. I'll let you know how it all goes.


  4. Hi Simon,

    Bill Blue wrote me that a Two Brothers Juice Box and his Big Bore Kits work on a FI type. He did not say anything about changing the stock ECU set ... So I believe it works without as he said.
    But I believe it will work surely (maybe better???) changing the stock set by the Performance ECU set from Keihin ... IF... ! ! !

    I still cannot find the Kawasaki part number of THAT Performance ECU set from Keihin. Nobody can tell me!
    If I ask someone friendly to get that info at the local Kawasaki dealer there comes no answer ... just if it is a very tale of the Performance ECU from Keihin!!!

    So I ask you and all visitors of this forum PLEASE tell us what the part number is of that Performance ECU set from Keihin at the Kawasaki store if it realy exists.

    Best regards
  5. I changed Mine to the Performance ECU ages ago and a Huge difference. It is a Kit that also includes a new stator or rectifier to keep the Charging rate normal at the Higher revs.
    On the Finned Box bolted on the left side of the Bike it has the Numbers SH650HA ( written in large Print ) T9.3 141 ( written in small Print ) These Numbers are different on the Standard ECU. Can't find My old one right now so can't give then to You. The Problem with a Big Bore is not only the ECU, I am told the Injector will be to small to supply the Volume of Fuel needed??? Good Luck if anyone ever gets it done, I will be waiting for the report!!!
  6. Hi,

    The Kawasaki Dealers in Europe Do Not Sell The ECU.

    Keihin Europe does not sell the ECU or even know the part number.

    The ECU is sold in Thailand, and there is a UK guy, selling imported ECU's from Thailand on Ebay UK - He gets them from Thailand or Japan.

    That's where I got mine from.

    He (Rex) still has them for sale - Item Number 150403222332 on www.ebay.co.uk

    If you e-mail him he will probably do you a discount - he's a nice guy and I have bought a few things from him.

    Changing the ECU improves the bike immensely - so I would suggest everyone changes this before the big bore or the Juice Box is fitted - to see if they need the rest.

    If BB has tried this then that's good - but as Ian says some people have said you need to change the Injector, or drill it out, others say not. Ask Bill for the details of what BB they fitted, and the results obtained - maybe a contact name, so we can get more specific answers too.

    There is only a couple of people who have posted on the net the BB kit change on the FI bike, and all have slightly different stories and problems.


  7. Sorry I forgot to add - The Performance ECU removes the Rev limiter, as well as apparently increasing the fuel, so really needs to be done to remove the electronic rev limiter, otherwise the increased fuel and BB kit will probably be wasted.

    There is also a free - FIX - that removes this limiter, but some say it causes other problems - I never tried it so can't say either way, I prefered a Permanent Fix rather than bypassing and shorting some signals.


  8. Thanks very much for the info chaps. The kit is on its way.
  9. Good information.

    How about an update. How did the performance ECU and big bore kit go? Any issues?

  10. should say.. let us know how it goes. Rode one of these on week tour up north Lao last month and went alright but wouldn't bother buying one if couldn't at least derestrict and probably put in bigger bore kit.

    Are there any KLX450R's in Thailand or anyone know if can import in. Sat on one a few weeks ago when back in Aust and it look and felt good... Also had a spin on my brothers '09WR450f and that went like a rocket.

    If the KLX250 can be gizzed up a bit without stuffing it and affordably i'll settle on one of them... for now...

    Next trip, first week March heading south Lao on WR250f hired from Thierry in VTE.

  11. Hi Ian and Simon,

    Thanks for your info guys.
    I found the UK guy and his ebay stuff!
    I probably will buy and test it the next months and post the results later on ...

    OK it is as you say. The Kawasaki Dealers in Europe and Keihin Europe do not know or sell the Performance ECU Set. It is probably sold only in Thailand.

    My opinion is it is a very weird situation that nor Kawasaki Thailand, nor Keihin Thailand can tell the part number of that special Performance ECU Set to someone who is interested in. The vendors in Thailand (or even in Japan) must know that part number any way...
    I cannot believe that only a UK guy can buy it "somewhere in Thailand" and sell that "ECU set without official Kawi or Keihin part number"on ebay...
    KLX250S 2009 owners in Thailand have to buy a Performance Keihin ECU Set on ebay? Not in a local Kawi or Keihin store???
    Does nobody know the name and adress of a store that sells that Performance ECU Set???

    Best regards!
  12. Hi,

    All I can say is by reading the posts here and on other sites, in Thailand, the Kawasaki dealer sells them, but its not an official Kawasaki Part.

    He gets them from Keihin - Please remember these bikes are hugely popular in Thailand - where they are built for the world (well Europe and Asia, America?), so I guess its likely that there's more contacts there to the OE part suppliers for all the information needed.

    That way Kawasaki is not supporting it. (The kit is about 25% of the cost of just the UK ECU from the dealer - so good job - or we would have to pay huge mark-ups too)

    Keihin Europe, could find out the info if they wanted to, but they are not interested either as they do not make it in Europe, nor do they distribute direct to the public, only to OE customers (Kawasaki etc.) and main aftermarket parts suppliers, like most part manufactures (I work for a large Automotive Parts manufacturer).

    I guess if you spoke Japanese or Thai, you could try contacting Keihin in these locations, but my language skills don't stretch that far.

  13. Hi Simon,

    Indeed, reading the posts here I expected that, in Thailand, your local Kawasaki dealer sells the Performance Keihin ECU Set, although it is not an official Kawasaki Part.

    These dual purpose bikes are not hugely popular any more in my own country where the emission rules are very severe and where off road riding is as good as nearly forbidden. Only the road big cubes and racers (Honda, Suzuki, Aprillia, Buell, etc.) are very popular over here.
    That way Kawasaki Europe/Belgium and Keihin Europe are not supporting it and never will help us. They are not interested for those few riders and do not want to distribute it. Also the main aftermarket parts suppliers are also not interested in selling accessories and other stuff for those "few" dual purpose bikes. MX stuff is another but succesfull story.

    I cannot write or speake Japanese or Thai to try contacting Keihin in Japan or Thailand. My language skills don't stretch that far too.

    So, via this forum, I try to find someone who can/want to help me and my later KLX250S 2009 and D-Tracker 2010 friends to get that Performance ECU Set.
    Someone who can buy those special performance sets and post it to my adress in Belgium. I will of course agree to pay a honest fee above the real Thailand price and the shipping costs via the Western Union branch of my town.

    You (or someone you know to help us) can always contact me via a PM to talk about any arrangement and conditions. We will be very thankfull if we could be helped by somebody with the same biker passion.

    Best regards
  14. Hi,

    The UK is the same - riding off road is now illegal and heavily enforce in my area, with local Police bikers daily riding the mountains, fining people and taking their bikes from them for repeat offences.

    Over the last 4 years, most of my local off road dealers have gone out of business as a result, so getting spares and accessories is now really only possible from a dealer or off the net - generally in USA.

    I don't travel to Thailand, so can not help you, but if you contact Rex - through e-bay - I am sure he will help you out - and give you a good price for bulk purchases - he will get any part at a GOOD price compared to UK - e.g Lower Tank Cowl Sticker - about £18 delivered for a pair - £109 in my dealer!!

    For stuff from USA, I can sometimes help out - I am here now for another day or two - but only come to USA a few times a year for 2 or 3 weeks a time.

    Most of the other places I go don't do Kawasaki (India and China) or its as expensive as you pay (Europe or UK)

    I think in Thailand these ECU units work out at around £140 to £150 from the dealer, plus shipping so say £150 to £160 - Rex supplied mine for £190 I think, including postage.

    Other than that maybe one of the other guys here can help you out?


  15. Hi,

    Originally I started riding 15 years ago with no problems.

    Then about 5 years ago I got back into biking, and I used to ride a lot off road and it was starting to get tight - you would see the police, and they would check your bike over to ensure it was legal and not stolen, give you a ticking off and send you on your way.

    I had a big off and broke my leg - so had to give it up - after 5 ops and 5 years I decided to have another go.

    I recently bought my KLX and now most of the off road ways are barred, locked or filled with stones to stop you going on the mountains, the particular area i used to go was Coal tips on the top of a mountain (about 3 miles from anywhere), they have dug ditches around the areas you would get on to the mountain so you can't access and put up gates on the cattle grids - Padlocked.

    Maybe its just around with me - Gwent - but I hear reports from all the dealers that its now pretty wide spread in Wales, and as a result the sports now dying out in popularity.
  16. Sorry I used the wrong term ... :oops:
    Off Road is for MX. Sorry X 1000!
    Now I know better :idea: I will always use the exact term TRAIL RIDING ! :D 8)

    I know after some internet surfing there are some people (the trail riders among the bikers ... YEZZZ!) here in Belgium who are "working" for becoming legal trails and they got already a beginning of succes. That little group of trail friends do there very best and the group is growing and growing. But there are a lot of stupid individuals who make it more difficult for those workers :evil:

    Let us hope trail riding will be still possible for many years although I am already 63 years "young" and still like trail "walking" on my little KLX250S FI 2009

  17. In belgium is trail riding the exeption for the above mentioned reasons.

    See the top ten bike sells in my country and you know what I mean .... :shock:

    1) Honda CBF125
    2) Kawasaki Z750
    3) BMW R 1200 GS
    4) BMW R 1200 RT
    5) Honda CB 1000 R
    6) Skyteam ST125-6
    7) Kawasaki ER-6n
    8) BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
    9) Honda NT 700 Deauville
    10) Triumph Street Triple 675

  18. where did the thread on big bore kits go atfer 18th of january ?
    trail ride WALES !
    trail ride Belgium !

    If my aunty had bolluck............
    OH I've started
    Sorry I've got no comment on 330 bore kits
  19. back on topic, is anyone ordering this kit?
    If so, can I get a 330 head gasket at the same time?
    I have the 330 big bore kit.

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