KLX / D-Tracker after market parts warning!!!


Sep 22, 2009
Just a warning to all owners regarding some problems I've had with 2 aftermarket parts I've fitted to my D-Tracker.
I fitted one of the stainless racks supplied by Kawasaki Chaing Mai at approx 1,000 Km's from new and I fitted one of the 4,000 Baht 'copy' exhausts supplied by the same firm at approx 3,000 Km's from new.
The first problem happened at approx 11,500 Km's when the bracket (which is part of the subframe) which the exhaust bolts to, sheared whilst on the road and emergency welding was required. The standard zorst is fastened to the frame in 3 places whereas the aftermarket one only fastens in the one (overstressed) place and this I believe caused the frame to fracture.
The second problem occurred at around 13,000 Km's when the stainless rack fractured, again resulting in welding repairs. Whilst stainless looks good and is scratch resistant, it is not an ideal material to use as it is too brittle for use as a motorcycle rack.
Luckily the welding repairs cost me only 300 Baht in total but the exhaust problem put me a day behind schedule on my recent trip to Sepang for the motogp. I had to limp in to Hat Yai and book a hotel for the night so the welding could be done first thing in the morning.
If you have fitted these mods keep an eye on them and be prepared for trouble!