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  1. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Went to get some front brake pads for my D-Tracker from Kawasaki Chiangmai, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! 800 Baht, went to Pee Dahs in Chiangmoi rd, same pads as a KR 150 Kawasaki 50 Baht, I have also been told but have'nt checked it out yet that they are the same pads as a Honda Phantom 70 Baht
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  3. Fishenough

    Fishenough Ol'Timer

    That's a 200 Baht increases from two months ago ago!

    And half what I paid for a new chain, when at the time your bike was there also.
  4. DavidFL

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  5. fj craig

    fj craig Member

    Picked up a set of ebc pads last time I was in pattaya from Craig(the other one) for the fj. More feel and stops easier, Pretty good cause the Yam is a big old bus.

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