KLX from Bangkok to Sangkhla Buri and back

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  1. Bought a new KLX 250 a couple weeks ago, and finally managed to get out of Bangkok for 4 days/3 Nights, up to the Sangkhla Buri area and around Kanchanaburi province.

    Some photos are below.

    Would love to meet up with any dirt bike riders, especially around Bangkok, who would like to go riding! I made this trip alone, and it was fun, but I do enjoy riding with others (and I think it's a little safer).

    Hope you enjoy the pictures!


    My new KLX, and some banana trees, before hitting the dirt...

    Rice paddy on the outskirts of Muang Kanchanaburi.

    The Kwai Noi River valley, northwest of Muang Kanchanaburi.

    Ruen Rim Kwai Resort on the Kwai Noi river. They have some rooms in the back. 600 baht, but i bet you could negotiate a discount.

    he "pool" at the Boutique Raft Resort, near Sai Yok, on Wednesday night. Nice resort I guess, but overpriced, and the food was lame...

    Dirt road through a bamboo jungle, north of Highway 323. I was trying to get through to Srinakarin Reservoir, but this eventually dead ended. Maybe will give it another try some day.

    Power lines running through to Srinakarin Reservoir, about 20 km up 323 from attempt #1. I know there must be a track through, but the park ranger wouldn't let me through...

    Road into the park headquarters. Beautiful park, would be a great place to camp...

    Marigold fields up in the hills east of 323

    Bridge on the way to a Karen village, outside of Sangkhla Buri...

    View of the Reservoir outside of Sangkhla Buri

    Up in the hills outside of Sangkhla Buri

    Somchai Guesthouse in the hills overlooking Sangkhla Buri. Rubber trees on the hill in foreground.

    View down towards Sangkhla Buri. Somchai Guesthouse on right

    Nice View

    Ponatee Guesthouse on the Khao Laem Reservoir in Sangkhla Buri

    Downtown Sangkhla Buri on Thursday Night

    Fruit Market in Sangkhla Buri

    Dinner in Sangkhla Buri. That's the chef checking me out...

    Friday morning, the eponymous Three Pagodas... Hmmm, not much to look at....

    Border Crossing at Three Pagodas Pass. It was closed. 8:00 AM on Friday.

    Old monastery west of Sangkhla Buri

    Army camp near the Burma border, west of Sangkhla Buri. They wouldn't let me proceed farther. Burma was still 10 km. I guess there is a big refugee camp near the border and they don't want "tourists" poking around...


    The road not taken.... Saving for next time...

    Rubber tree plantation. Excellent riding!! Double track, single track, and no track...

    Single track through the rubber trees...

    More tracks through the hills

    Beautiful wooden boats...

    Early morning fog

    View from the road out of Sangkhla Buri back towards Bangkok

    Road down towards the Srinakarin Reservoir. There are miles and miles of beautiful bamboo tunnels back in here... Almost like Autumn with the colors.

    Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall. The picture doesn't do it justice... There is a nice, well-maintained campground here. 40 baht entrance fee for locals, 20 baht for the motorcycle

    Jack a Karen dirt bike fan, I met at the P guesthouse.
  2. WOW, Amazing quality pictures, so my question is what camera and how long you have been Pro in picture talking,,, really nice pictures
  3. Hi Mike,

    Most probably heading that way in 10 days or so but on a road bike.

    Stunning photos and a great report. Thanks.
  4. Yes, terrific photos. I really like the color shades. Nice work.
  5. Mike, stunning fotos, you've got 'the eye' for the perfect shot I must admit !!!! Cheers, Fr
  6. Absolutely amazing pictures....and i like this KLX a lot too. 2 flat tires in 4 days sounds a lot though. Hope to see more of your pictures....
  7. Fantastic pictures, that is the best rice paddy picture ever!

    Looking forward to your future trip reports, hope the BKK crew meets up and you get out together often.

    Ally and you take pictures of your bikes that if Kasawaki saw, they might wanna pony up a little cash for them.

  8. Thanks everyone for your feedback, much appreciated!!

    I have a Canon S90, a new compact camera. Its pretty cool, big sensor for a small camera, has full manual controls, and a pretty wide lens. And its really small, i have a DSLR too, but don't want to carry it on the bike, its not convinient for making quick photos, and dangerous if/when i go down... :)

    I think 2 flat tires in 4 days is too many too. The first one, the nipple seal blew, which makes me nervous. The pressure in the tire was right, so i think it must be a weakness in the tube. The second one, well, there was a nail sticking out of the tire that required pliers to pull out. Not sure how it got there, i was coming downhill on a dirt road at the time. Lucky for me I was almost out of the wilderness...

    Thanks again for your compliments!! See some of you on the trail i hope soon.

  9. Mike
    Thanks for the report & brilliant pictures.
  10. NIce photo br
    photos and a great report. Thanks.
  11. Mike,

    Stunning pictures. Well done. Now where did I leave my camera????
  12. Great Pictures Mike. I have been looking at the S90, but can't seem to find out it it takes Video.
    Everything I read tells me it doesn't, is this correct? If this is right.......pitty, the lesser camera I have (IXY1000) does and I'd miss it, but your pictures are stunning.
  13. S90 does do video, but its only VGA 640 x 480 and not HD. Your IXY1000 will do 1024 x 768 at 15 fps, and also standard VGA 640 x 480 at 30 fps.

    So, the video on the S90 will probably be fine. That said, if you want some good video in combination with a great point and shoot, you should have a look at the Panasonic DMC-TZ7, an all around bad ass camera with x12 zoom, killer HD Video, and pretty damn good photos too. That's my everyday camera, and i love it....

    Good luck, and thanks again everyone for your encouragement.

  14. Panasonic is releasing a new version of their ZS3 that includes:

    1. Build in GPS (geotagging for all photos)
    2. Full Manual Controls
    3. Extended Zoom

    This would be pretty much the perfect camera for dirtbike riding...

    <a href=""http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/27/panasonic-adds-gps-to-its-slim-super-zoom/?scp=2&sq=panasonic%20&st=cse
  15. Panasonic is releasing a new version of the ZS3, the ZS7. Building on the awesome ZS3, it adds

    1. Integrated GPS
    2. Full Manual Controls
    3. Extended Zoom

    This will be a most excellent camera to take dirtbike riding...

    You can read a press release here:

  16. Brilliant photos. Kind of wish i bought the S90 instead of the Lumix now. Havent been to Sangkla Buri for about 17 years. Still looks like a nice place to visit.
  17. bloody hell those photos are gorgeous!!
    great report.
  18. great post & pic's mike

    just to keep the story alive, feb 4th 2012, I rode with Mike past the 'headquarters of parkranger'. this is the only link through the jungle across to the old minig road up the side of si nakharin reservior.
    first people/bikes through 15 km of National park from Ban Sai Yok Yai to Si Nakharin reservior, thai range is jumping up and down waving his arm, we go through STOP barrier, stop cut bambo small trees, maybe over 90mins for 15km, we appear at back of ranger station on Si Sawett Mai Krabung road. they already know we are coming, thai lady speak good english tell us danger from elephant too much. I ride National parks I see elephants, I leave them well alone, they big too much, anyway all I see was one monkey, 100's of elephant foot print and shit but not elephant.

    get a life,

    get out trail riding


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