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Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by pseacraft, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    Just got a note from a mate in Japan. 2BR, Two Brothers Racing, has just added a "Juice Box" for the EFI KLX to their line up of aftermarket products. Not cheap at $299 and change, but from what my mate says, it's $200 US below the proposed price of the Japanese based company that has been dragging it's heals.

    http://www.twobros.com/cgi-bin/shopper? ... ey=008-171

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  3. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Hi Eric, thanks for posting that! Looks just like what many people have been waiting for. Even if it's a bit over 10,000THB, the MSRP is so low that it would be worth it. It's even adjustable!
    Now we just need someone who can tell us how it's actually working!
  4. ron

    ron Active Member

    tnx for juice box info ,

    that ' s good news , maybe still need a bigger injector from ER650 , for this 351 big bore kit


    not sure if it ' s done yet on the injection model , but i , like many others , are very interested for future projekt

    it will never be a DRZ400 , but would probably make a cheap alternative

    so , i think i know what i want , ... , for now
  5. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    Hi Ron...The 351 kit is pretty nice. You would have to ask Bill Blue if he can rig on up for the FI bikes. But I doubt the demand will warrant his time unless one of us could get a FI bike in his hands. :twisted:

    I am waiting for the juice box to show up in my mail...someday.

  6. avantgarde

    avantgarde Active Member

    Hi Eric ,

    Where did you order the juice box if i may ask ?

    I realy want to have that thing too because i'm tired from these honda waves to go faster then i can go :(

  7. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    I ordered it directly from 2BR. I am having it delivered to my work address which bypasses all of the international mail hassles. :twisted:

    I was hoping it would arrive before I made my quarterly long trip to Thailand but too much wishful thinking.

  8. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Just Buy the Performance ECU & Regulator, Plug in and GO :wink: Red Line in every Gear and No fluffing about trying to get the correct Setting :wink:
    8000 Baht at the Kawasaki Dealer otherwise get the Cheap fix of the Guys for 2000 baht! End Results will be similar in all three Cases :)
  9. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    Ah, but I can already "redline in any gear" without any of those "improvements". :twisted:

    I'll give the 2BR Box a try because it is somewhat adjustable where as Kawa's is not. The 2k solution is nice and innovative but why do it if I am already opened up? I have also heard that 2BR is offering an O2 sensor remover which would be interesting for those who want to swap their exhaust and not have to worry about the sensor.

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