KLX250 Kawasaki for sale

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  1. This bike has been sold thank you Gt rider
  2. How was it de-restricted? Was the wire cut or was a box or other device installed?
  3. I did the de-restrict my self that involves components to protect the circuit and is not a simple wire cut. (the other device)

    It is the same method used by Jon and this was done when the bike had around 3000 km on the clock and is utterly safe. In fact I would say that it puts the electronics under less stress then the original design.
  4. Why was it written off? Did it have an accident or was it stolen? If the frame is new, does it have a new book? If so, is the old engine number in the new book?
  5. I had a an accident the original frame was twisted/broke at the front end. So Kawasaki provided a new frame with the original serial numbers on it from the factory so there was no need to change the log book.
  6. Interesting - didn't know that the factory would provide a frame with the original number. Makes sense.
  7. It was the only thing that did make sense!
  8. Please send me you tel. phone number a friend has interst.

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