KLX250sf D-Tracker (2011) Aftermarket exhaust systems?????HELP

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  1. I have spent some time looking thru old posts for advice on exhaust systems & cannot find the answers I looking for!

    I recently lasted one day trying a two brothers m7 slip-on can & yes my bike felt a little more torquey/powerful but the sound level was obnoxiously LOUD, even with a P1x sound suppressor fitted!!! Off it came & given back.....I could not inflict that noise on my neighbors or anyone else for that matter!

    What options have I got for a lighter than stock exhaust that looks good & delivers a little more power with JUST A LITTLE MORE BASE/GRUNT/NOISE etc THAN STANDARD????

    Any first hand info on noise vs power levels of the akrapovic, FMF q4, Delta, R9 titanium, striker, yoshimura or even any home grown Thai systems would be very welcome.

    Would be great if anything can be bought in Thailand but i have an ebay account with paypal so anything is possible if you guys can recommend an exhaust that fits my requirements. cheers
  2. I've been told that the homegrown ones dont offer any more power.
    Kawasaki sell a Tsugiki or something, so maybe you can get feedback on that.
    I would like to see some figures, preferably that don't account solely for the weight loss.
  3. I will look into the tsukigi exhaust range.

    Any other thoughts/reviews welcome.
  4. My experiences are following:

    - 2Bro: nice looking light weight, only one mounting point, and as said way too loud.
    - Tsukigi (made in Thailand): cheap, relatively loud when new and noise level increases with the kilometers, bad location for O2 sensor (unless they have changed it, all the mud & water from back wheel is easy to flush the sensor), mounting only one point and easy to break the mounting point in the frame. Not really recommended in my opinion if you are looking for quality pipe that lasts long time.
    - FMF Q4 (with mega bomb header): my recommendation, quality pipe with good mounting (two points) and very acceptable sound level. Pricey if you buy from the Thai importer, less pricey if you order online. I use it at the moment and have been using over 6000km without any issues (unlike the other two I mentioned).
  5. Thx Maha, I have been thinking on the same lines as Q4 with power bomb or mega bomb. As you suggested it's the only exhaust a little louder than stock that delivers a power increase with decent looks & good build quality. The only other option I can see is the delta barrel4 exhaust but has no power advantage unless the torque header is used & that comes in at roughly the same price as q4 with MB........I'm still open to comments/advice

    Anyone else using a Q4 with PB or MB?? I would like to know how what sort of noise we are talking. If stock noise levels is 0 & two brothers is 10, I would like something around the 3 or 4 mark but I could live with 5 ! (half way between the two would be acceptable). Videos on youtube are quite hard to tell whats really happening with sound levels but have given me a rough idea.
  6. I would say that the FMF Q4 + MB is about three to four in your scale.
  7. Thx again Maha. One more question! I've read that the MB is said to delivers more low & mid grunt & the PB gives more mid/high grunt.....so i does that mean there is no extra power in the high range with the MB? I find that hard to believe as the MB is said to deliver more HP, maybe you can give me some first hand feedback on this....cheers
  8. Didn't take the bike to dyno after installing the FMF, but by feeling the MB gives more torque to the mid range compared to 2Bro with standard header. No difference in the max hp in my opinion (compared to 2Bro with standard header).

    One thing to note with the MB is that is quite a big, so while driving it is relatively easy to touch it with your leg. So in case you like to drive with shorts on, there is a constant danger of burning your skin. I did it once and no more shorts for me.
  9. One thing to note with the MB is that is quite a big, so while driving it is relatively easy to touch it with your leg. So in case you like to drive with shorts on, there is a constant danger of burning your skin. I did it once and no more shorts for me.
    How is getting an exhaust system so difficult!!! Just when I thought I was ready to commit to the Q4 with MB, another curve ball comes in....the old "constant danger of burning your skin" problem!!! HHHmmm I do wear shorts most of the time unless on a long journey but i'm quite a loose rider not a tank clamper, which may help......but Maha is this really such a BIG problem? If so then it's a PB for me.

    Or a MB carbon heat shield for yet more $$$ but looks like it does the job.

  10. One thing to note with the MB is that is quite a big, so while driving it is relatively easy to touch it with your leg. So in case you like to drive with shorts on, there is a constant danger of burning your skin. I did it once and no more shorts for me.
    Cheers Maha for the tips. So just when I think it's safe to order an exhaust another curve ball comes along.......the old "constant danger of burning your skin" chestnut!!

    so I have two choices by the sounds of it, go for the power bomb instead of the megabomb as 70% of my riding is in shorts but there is a fairly cheap & simple option called the pro carbon heat shield for MB which I found on ebay (little bit smaller & cheaper than the e-line shield). I'm of the mindset that if i'm gonna shell out for a bomb it might as well be a big bomb!! Is the megabomb problem a real issue for you or something that you can learn to avoid, as i'm a loose style kind of a rider not a tank gripper with my knees.
  11. Well, you can learn to avoid it, but still it is there waiting for the one time you forget to avoid it (I burned my skin while parking the bike) and with 70% of your driving with shorts, I think it will eventually happen to you. The Pro carbon heat shield looks good, but I'm sure it will be very hot as well and even closer to your leg! Maybe the PB is better in your case.
  12. I too have a 2inch diameter scar on my calf and a hole in my MXpants from the powerbomb
  13. Goodies turned up the other day from the US via ebay. A fmf q4 & megabomb with a pro carbon heat shield. (no import duty to pay at post office!! rolled the dice & won this time). Great sound, nice & deep etc. On the scale I mentioned earlier in this thread at low/mid rpm's the noise is about a 3 out of 10 & at full rpm's about a 5 out of 10 compared to the super bloody loud two brothers m7 I got rid of after one day!! TBR is a 10 on the loudness scale!!!

    Noticeably better low/mid range torque & of course better top end performance......very happy with results. (compared to oem stock exhaust)

    The heat shield on the megabomb is in the perfect position & I tried my hardest to touch it with my bare leg (wearing shorts). Purposely had to touch my leg on it in the end after a 100k ride, just to be sure it would be ok & not hot enough to do any damage & it looks pretty good as well. And to be honest not as obtrusive as I thought it would be.

    Only problems:

    1. had Kawasaki weld an O2 sensor onto exhaust for 700thb ($20).....took one hour (EFI model)......easy

    2. had to play with the mounts on the Q4 & fabricate the mounts a little as to lower the silencer about 8mm to stop the airbox melting......30 minutes of mucking around......easy but annoying thing to have to do from a big name company like fmf!!

    Thx guys for all for your comments :p
  14. I see you got sorted yourself, but just in case it's of interest to anyone else, there is an Akrapovic system out there which is well made and does a good job.
    It was made for the KLX I believe, but I fitted it to my 2011 D-Tracker.

    I got lucky and spotted a used one on UK Ebay. Rather than take a chance on bidding and missing it, I paid the 150 GBP (7k Baht) BIN price he asked.
    It was in as new condition and a perfect fit - very light and looks good.
    It came with different baffle and end cap choices and I went for least noise.
    I've done 4k kms with it now, around Pattaya and down to Sihanoukville and back and I haven't been stopped or had any comments about noise, which is probably 3-4 on your scale.
    The bike was already topping 140 kph de-restricted and does not go any faster with the exhaust as I've fitted it.
    It might go faster in the open, noisier mode, but it looks good and sounds good and I don't want problems with the BiB.
    It would take about 5 minutes to change it, so I might do it some time just to see if there's any difference.

    I don't know whether I should seek out a different header pipe than stock. Advice welcome.

    Anyway, just to let others know there is an Akrapovic out there somewhere.

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