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  1. Here's a fantastic bike for sale.

    KLX350S has been fitted with the Bill Blue 350cc Big Bore kit. Fuel injection system has been removed and carburetor fitted. This is well over $1,000 worth of modifications.
    This bike goes like a rocket. The bottom end torque from this bike is unbelievable compared to the stocker, 2nd and 3rd gear power wheelies no problem.
    Has been fitted with aftermarket skid plate.
    Tail Tidy.
    Pro Circuit Ti4 slip-on with cherry bomb/header pipe
    Only 6,000Km on the clock.
    I have just serviced this bike myself and is in great condition.
    All original parts are included to return to stock if required (Why would you want to do that!)
    All paperwork/green book in order for immediate transfer (registered in Chiang Mai Province). Thai Vehicle Transfer docs signed and ready for transfer.

    Easily the best modified KLX in Thailand...

    130,000 Baht ovno (Comes with a free WR450F!)













  2. Free "pictures" of the WR ?

    Nice bike btw I think it will be sold fast :)
  3. nice ride :thumbup:
  4. Hey Johnny!

    Quite interested!

    Just sent you an SMS.


  5. Bwah!

    Damn you gotta be QUICK when these KLX's come up for sale!

    There's already a list of prospective buyers for this one.

    Johnny's phone has been ringing so much his battery died ;)

    Sniff. :-(

    But Johnny, mate, I'm still interested! So on the off chance it doesn't sell to one of the guys who reached you before me please keep me posted!


    Tony :)
  6. Hi Tony .... This Is Thailand .... maybe you can bribe him with some beer?

    Chang Noi
  7. Still for sale due to time wasters
  8. OK sold again
  9. Yes, aftermarket tanks can now be fitted
  10. Carby can run on gasohol?
  11. Yes no problem. I've been forced to use Gasohol 95 on the WR to prevent detonation with 91 (Benzine). Before I go to work, switch the fuel **** off, run the carb dry, feed some benzine in it for 5 mins, job done. I make a point of cleaning my carbs every other month to keep them in tiptop condition. You get some Gasohol residue, but if you keep on top of it, it's not an issue.
  12. Wheres the photos of yer new toy? Enjoying it?
  13. How hard was it to convert it to a carb from EFI? I am thinking of buying a KLX but would want some more power over stock. Would you do the carb conversion again if you had the chance or would you try the big bore kit with a new injector and API unlimited ECU, tuned on a dyno?

  14. Hi, madjbs.
    I converted an EFI klx to a carby and an authentic 300cc kit from Kawasaki not long ago, I also installed an 11 litre tank.
    There is a lot of tricks to it as the electronics are a a little fiddly.
    Also with the larger tank you need to source the carby tank valves etc as a conventional gravity feed carb.

    You can check it all out on this site, plenty of info under Kawasaki.

    Also recommend 14 tooth front cog. I get 130km/hr at 7500 rpm.

  15. FYI, this wasn't Johnny's bike, he just facilitated the sale for the owner who told me that, "If it weren't for Johnny he'd have never gotten around to selling it". :)

    Thanks again Johnny!

    I asked him who installed the Big Bore Kit and pumper carb and he said he did it himself and that it wasn't very difficult.

    My understanding is that Bill Blue sends his Big Bore kits all as a complete kit matched to the appropriate carb, and all you have to do is put it together.

    I plan on doing a lot of riding in Laos and perhaps Cambodia and I understand that there are sometimes challenges with dirty and/or contaminated fuel. (Heck, dirty fuel happens in Thailand too!)

    I'm no mechanic but my gut tells me that a carb'd bike will be able to cope with dirty fuel better than a fuel injected one. When the injectors on my Gixxer got clogged from sitting too long with gasohol in the lines I had to remove them and have them professionally cleaned. I imagine such a service might be a bit hard to find in the jungle ;)

    Also, the fuel injected KLX has a rather high tech fuel pump in the tank. If you switch to a carb you no longer need that fuel pump.

    I think it's probably a little easier to sort out a carb than FI when you're out in the sticks.

    Am hoping to take the KLX out to play in the dirt this weekend. Riding it around Chiang Mai city I was impressed at how hard it pulls and how smoothly it idles. I was under the impression that Big Bore kits often make a bike idle rough, but this KLX is still running stock cams and was very smooth at idle.

    Happy Trails!

  16. Thanks for the info. It looks like it might be the way to go, I do like fuel injection but there is no doubt that carbs are easier to tune and work on yourself as well as fix out in the field. I wonder if there is much weight saving, you could probably save a couple of high up KGs with a light weight tank without the fuel pump.
  17. I'd very much like to weigh my KLX350 as I'm guessing it's a good ~15-20 kilos lighter than stock. Previous owner removed pretty much everything that could be removed. Turn signals, mirrors, pollution control equipment, etc. The fuel pump alone weighs about a kilo. Stock exhaust weighs a ton. Wonder where I can find a scale that can accommodate a bike in Bangkok...

    Going to take it to play in the dirt tomorrow at the Bo Din quarry near MinBuri. Can't wait!

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy2:
  18. 15-20 kg lighter would be fantastic, I would be very interested to know if it was that much lighter. 120kg and 25+hp would make it much more attractive to me. There doesn't seem to be many second hand ones about so I would have to buy a new one, strip all the extra stuff off and then buy the big bore kit and stuff as well.

    What pollution control stuff does it have on it? Can it be removed without switching to a carb?
  19. So apart from the big bore kit and carb, what extra parts did you need to convert the bike? What exactly makes the electrics fiddly? Can't you just leave the ECU in place but with all the sensors and fuel pump connectors blanked off?
  20. It's the same pollution control stuff that I think is on all the Kawasaki's manufactured here in Thailand:

    1) Charcoal canister (where the gas goes if your tank overflows)
    2) Evap canister (where the fumes go when the gasoline in your tank heats and expands)
    3) Clean air valve, aka PAIR valve (injects air into the exhaust manifold to increase the efficiency of the catalytic converter)

    Wow I had fun on the KLX yesterday! What a workout! Only crashed once ;)


    Some really nice Thai guys on nicely tricked out 80kg competition-grade 2 stroke enduro bikes gave me some helpful pointers and things to practice.

    Hope to hook up with them again next weekend.

    Happy Trails!

  21. Looking at my bike as far as I can tell there's not much that needs to be "fiddled" with. You remove the fuel pump when you install the carb so your fuel gauge no longer works as it's built into the fuel pump, and of course you get a red FI warning light, but other than that, I can't see that my carb'd KLX has had any modifications made to any of the electrical connections or wiring harness. Perhaps I missed something?
  22. Let's see if this video link works...

  23. Ok, I am not the greatest with a spanner but it sounds doable. I would certainly get rid of all that pollution nonsense.

    I am actually starting to think about getting a small 2 stroke MX bike and modding it for singletrack and woods trails. Everyone says a 125 MX bike will teach you to ride really well. Bonus is they are 95kg wet, fairly cheap and have 30+hp stock!
  24. If you plan to ride exclusively offroad then I'd agree that a small, light 2 stroke MX bike would be the way to go. But if you plan to do any touring or trips that would require on road travel, then a street legal bike would perhaps be more suitable.

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