knights Border sakeaw


Sep 21, 2005
The Foundation Project for buying watch for the children at the boder
sakaew / Sat 8 - Oct - 05
Knight Border Group would like to invite our Motorbike allays for meeting and discussing at Aranyaprated
Place of Meeting
kan cha na bhi seg 9
start at 5.00 pm Music String and country music which are the best in thailand
Sek lo-so
Twilight Thai luk-tung
Num- Nwan & OTOP Top 5 provincec
Sun 9 Oct at 9.30 am let's gather for good riding motorbike turn light and wearing helinet around Aranyaprated City and then stright to Rong-Klaue Market where is the biggest second-hand [used] Market in Thailand
Contact reguive & reservation
K. Jitrada 06-8160944
k. janenapa 01-9458073 , 037- 223655-65