Ko Samui Bike Week- June 11-12th!

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  1. Ko Samui Bike Week June 11-12th 2010!
    Itinery :

    11 June 2010
    17:00 ??????????? ???????????????
    Welcome party, be entertains from our music

    12 June 2010
    10:00 ??????????????????????????????? ??????? ?????????? “??????????????????????????” ????????????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????????
    Meet at Chaweng Lake, road parade join the champagne of “ Safe riding with helmet and headlight” leave Chaweng head to Na Thon and enjoy the ride trip around Island

    12:00 ???????????????????????????????? ?.????????????? ?.???????? ????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????
    Go to Baan Phangka, release extinct fish and plants the mangrove tree

    15:00 ???????????????????????????????????????? 2 ? ???????
    Move on to Samui Bikeweek Party 2nd at Chaweng Lake

    16:00 ???????????????????? ????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ??????????????? ??????????????????
    Opening time to register, drink will be served. Be entertain by live music and shows

    20:00 ??????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????
    Chairmen give a speech to open Samui Bikeweek party 2nd Biker Representative exchange their souvenir, enjoy show as your own leisure

    24:00 ??????????
    End of Party

    For more details see http://www.samuibikeweek.com http://www.samuibikeweek.com

    Any GT Riders going to make it? I plan to ride down from Bangkok on Friday and meet a bunch of friends from Phuket.

    Ride On!

  2. Good quick ride down blowing through speed traps at 160km/hr no problems. :happy5:
    Our route:

    First went to the wrong ferry pier- oops. Reached the Donsak Ferry Pier just as the 2 o'clock ferry was casting off.
    Lots of bikes- mostly choppers and Honda Davidsons but all in all a friendly bunch.

    I haven't been to Samui in 4 or 5 years. Didn't recognize the place - man it's been built up... Driving past the Tesco, Big C and Makro you can easily forget you're on an island. But on the plus side it's REALLY quiet here right now. I think there were perhaps 4 (FOUR) actual tourists on the ferry. Everyone else was Thai or expat. Lots of bike with Malaysian plates too.

    Party was just getting warmed up last night when just after 9pm the heavens opened up with thunder and lightening and heavy heavy rain...

    Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative today!

    Ride On!

  3. Wow- Saturday was certainly the main event- more than double the number of bikes than the previous night.

    Some pretty crazy "bikes"! What do you get when you cross a Toyota Celica and a BMW LT? Something like this:


    I was impressed by the number of sport bikes-

    This stunning Buell caught my eye-

    LOTS of bikes from Malaysia.

  4. Tony the red-white R1 looks exactly like Chris' bike which is for sale, interesting to have the exactly same livery & stickers.......Just got news that the local Phayao biker group is planning to also do a Phayao bike weekend this end of year, so loads of festivals to go too as is our choice of bikes getting more interesting. Cheers, Franz
  5. Cheers Franz- yes, seems the biking scene in Thailand is really growing by leaps and bounds- what an exciting time to live here! The SSR Hooligans are planning a trip up your way over the long holiday weekend at the end of July. Would be great if you could join us for part of the ride:

    July 23, 24, 25, 26th

    Bkk-Tak-Mae Sot-Mae Sariang-MHS-CM-Nan-Loei-Bkk.

    BKK thru to Mae Sariang Day one Hotel in Mae Sariang
    Mae Sariang thru to CM Day two Hotel in CM
    CM thru to Loei Day three Hotel in Loei
    Loei to Bkk Day four

    Can't wait! Happy Trails!

  6. Some more pictures from the Ko Samui Bike Week- taken on Saturday night:

    Lots and lots of choppers- I remain very impressed with the skills of these guys who make such amazing bikes from scratch.


    Love that criss-cross exhaust:



    SPOOKY! :twisted:

    Check out that paint!

    More to come!

    Ride On!

  7. Perfect Tony, didn't plan anything yet, now it's solved, will of course join as there's no 'working duty' during this long weekend, fancy to meet you either at Mae Sariang or CNX but much more will go to Loei with you and hopefully Fiu on a 'knock on wood' finally finished Bros......who's coming ?? Bakerboy, Banananananaboy, Trent, Bard, Dr.G ????? Will look up SSR site later. Best regards, Franz
  8. Some more pics from the Ko Samui Bike Week-
    A tidy looking VMax-

    Stunning GSX-R :mrgreen:

    Sticker overload on a Ninja 650R :lol-sign:

    Pleasantly surprised at all the sport bikes that turned up-

    Quite an impressive turnout-

    Tough looking Beemer 8)

    Kawasaki ER6n

    Crazy Joe :crazy:

    The traffic and noise in Chaweng was getting on my nerves so escaped for a nice quiet dinner on the beach in Lamai-

    Happy Trails!


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