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  1. Thought I'd ask our resident expert on the South his thoughts about Koh Lanta if you've been there Johnno. As I told you before I'm thinking about a tour of the Andaman region on my next trip and have done Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi before so looking for some other places to visit aswell while down that way. Another one on my list of new places to see is Khao Lak.

    As always everybody's opinions welcome.
  2. Had an Aussie mate marry a lady on Lanta so went there a number of times.....

    very picturesque but it is there monsonn season same same us here on Phuket, so a lot of resorts are closed, obviously you can still find a couple of resorts open, and prices will be cheaper.

    You have to get 2 short ferry rides to get there, across the rivers and these shut down at around 6pm. With all the storms we have been having down here at present, there have been many drownings (see Phuket Gazette online)

    Khao Lak now back to normal after the tsunami, they were the worst hit, I will be taking a ride up there shortly to take for foto's of the 2 boats high and dry, would probably suggest Khao Lak to you, as it's closer, and if you have the time, stop at Ranong on the way down, and visit the hot springs, its a very scenic drive/ride.

    Below you can read about Tommo's report on his ride Phuket to Ranong

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rms=ranong
  3. Just spent some time there last month. Weather was decent , prices were low. The roads aren't in the greatest condition , but far from bad. Old Lanta town is worth a good visit, stayed in a beautiful place overhanging the water there. But like he said , many places are closed now till the high season.
  5. 1014sa1.jpg

    Accomodation during the low season is as low at 700b per nite at this sea facing chaltet. The Good Days Resort. (highly recommended)

    This is the ferry,.. no insurance though.

    and snorkoleing?... wow its heaven
  6. Really is a nice Island, Koh Lanta.Its not like phuket at all, its remote, quiet with no big roads or loads of vehicles, just motorcyle taxi two wheels or 3 wheeler. Infact there is onley one road encircling the island.

    To get to Koh Lanta, you need to take 2 ferry across. One is to Koh Lanta Noi and the other is Koh Lanta yai. Nothing much at all at Lanta Noi, just rubber trees and couple of fisherman village.After passing this iland lanta Noi, you get another ferry to Lanta yai. The fares are really cheap, app 25b and 15b on each ferry.

    Accomodations are reasonable and easily available if you come around this time, ut will be quite booked up in december till april.

    Checked out the boat tour services, snorkleing is great. Island hopping is a great way to pass the time on the island there. Get the package where you will be taken to the Pirate cave island. A small hole on the island wall, and yu swim into the tunnel, half submerged but at the other end you will be amazed of what you will see.

    hope this help

    abg acid
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    News of 2017
    • Mainland to Lan to Lanta Noi by ferry (every 30min, 6.00am-10.00pm) in 10min, price is 20 baht for a small bike
    • Lanta Noi to Lanta Yai has a bridge now
    • It is a muslim island with very friendly people
    • Many strange thieves in the south of the island near bamboo bay :) (look the picture)
    • Many nice (viewpoint)restaurants
    • Koh Samui - Koh Lanta Yai about 300km, about 7-8hr
    I stay at Lanta Nature House. In booking.com sometimes cheap price. Nice AC room with tv, bathroom, wifi, coolbox.
    The screenshot shows prices for 5 nights
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  8. I have made 2 trips to Koh Lanta. Far to many Falang for my liking but there's no questioning the beauty of the place. Not a whole lot to see and do, but you can ride up and over the mountain to the old village on the other side of the island. Ride out onto the long jetty is a good photo opp and theres a couple of cafes up on the hill that provide a nice view over the bay and surrounding islands.
    A word of caution...as with anywhere touristy, you get complete and utter morons riding scooters. People who have ZERO experience on a bike and think its perfectly accpetable to then ride one whilst on holidays. Dont ask me how I know ;)

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