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  1. I just visited Koh Samet for the first time last week and WOW! Great place and such an easy trip from Pattaya.

    But I digress...

    My lady and I left East Pattaya -on my mini beast Honda 110- around 0945 and we were at Ban Pe at 1100. Such an easy ride, about 77 kms to the pier. Stopped for a bite to eat near the pier, then bought our tickets to Sai Kaew (Main beach.) Round trip on the ferry was 100 baht per person; parking the motorbike for three days inside their storage shed was 50 baht per day.

    Had to wait a little while for the ferry -I think they wait until they have enough passengers for a profitable trip- but it was pleasant enough and no big deal.

    We landed at the pier on the west side of the island, then we walked about 1 km to Sai Kaew beach. Before you can enter the beach, you must pay the 400 baht National Park fee, but I flsased my Thai drivers license and I got the Thai price of 40 baht, thank you very much.

    We stayed one night in a 500 baht fan room and had a great seafood dinner on the beach. There was a HUGE fire show with so many performers that we finally left because of the keroscene (?) fumes. Those guys really put on a show.

    We moved to Wong Duean beachfor the second and third nights, again staying in a 500 baht fan room. Great beach and I could still see my feet even when I was waist deep in the water. I was impressed with the beach vendors; they were polite and no understood Mai ow krab (No thanks.) One vendor -#20 on his shirt- served great chicken. When my girl asked for a discount, he cleverly replied "No have discount chicken today" with a big smile. Grilled chicken 60 baht, som tam, 50 baht, sticky rice or kanoom jin, 10 baht a serving. I bought a few large bottles of ice cold Leo beer for 65 baht at the convience shop.

    Rain moved in on Friday, so we decided to pack it in. Even though I had purchased tickets from another ferry company, the Wong Duean ferry accepted my original ticket and 20 baht for the 70 baht fare back to the main beach. Cheaper than taking a 200 baht song taew for a short 3 km ride.

    If you haven't been to Koh Samet, get your kiester there quick. Really great beach!
  2. Forgot how to post pics, 555!


    Stopped for a quick bit in Ban Pe. The sign for the ferry pier is straight ahead
  3. Billy - thanx for posting as have always wondered about Samet.

    For posting pix instructions here's the link:

    Would very much like to see your pix

    I have heard mixed reviews about Koh Samet.
    The good - that it hasn't been spoiled like Phuket or Samui and great the beaches.
    The bad - that it attracts a particularly inclined crowd that can make things a hassle.

    Pikey was there recently, maybe he can advise as well?

    It would be good to have another island destination, as even Koh Chang
    is going the ways of Phuket & Samui, with over development.

    Which beaches & resort/GH would you recommend?
    I am assuming that there is secure car parking as well?
    Is there internet access & 24hr power?
  4. Rhodie, thanks for your help :)

    Personally I like Wong Duean beach because its less busy than the main beach Sai Keaw (Sp?)

    A lot of couples on the beach and tons of Thais on the weekend. If you can manage it, try to visit Monday to Friday.


    Fire show at Sai Kaew beach. At night the restaurants move out onto the beach. We had tiger prawns, crab couple of side dishes, two large Leos for BB. Total damage was about 1k. Not cheap but we splurged the first night :D
  5. kohsamet080.jpg

    Chicken, grilled to order, 60 baht. Som tom 50 baht. Sticky rice 10 baht :)


    Looking south, Wong Duean beach


    Sai Keaw (?) beach, taken on the ferry, going back to Ban Pe


    Low tide. Tenders that transfer passengers and goods to/from the ferry. Wong Duean beach
  6. Small island really, easy to get around. We walked the 3 kms from Sai Kaew to Wong Duean beach

  7. Billy Baht
    Thanks for the contribution. I'm very pleased to see riders with smaller bikes join in & post their trip reports. You don't need a big bike to ride & enjoy yourself here.
    Please keep them coming.
    :) :) :)
  8. ^ Thanks buddy. Some people make fun of my little "Mini Beast" but I've enjoyed the bike throughly :D

    BB Out!
  9. Nice report Billy.

    I’ve yet to go Koh Samet, so thanks for the info.
    I have stayed at Ban Phe though, which I found to be a good little town.
    The road that follows the beach from Ban Phe to Klaeng is another great ride, and beaches there are beautiful, and almost deserted in sections. There’s a few small towns along the way that have seafood restaurants on the beach, and there’s plenty of cheap accommodation as well.

    Ill see you soon.


  10. Hey Moto :)

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the map, looks like some nice riding. I took 36 for a fast ride to Ban Pe.

    On Sai Kaew Beach we stayed in a B500 fan room; nothing special but acceptable. I think it was called Sai Kaew Villa. Stayed in a B500 fan room on Wong Duean beach, bit I forgot the name. After I'd booked the fan room, another hotel said they had B800 bungalos. Oh well.

    All the best,


    PS-Windmill now has B45 draught on special. I drank a few in your honor buddy :D
  11. nice beach brothers

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