Koh Samui

Feb 6, 2003
A daily vehicle ferry from Suri Thani takes you there or you can rent a chopper type bike on the Island itself though the preponderence of bikes on Samui are those ubiquitous "skooters" Prices are fair - I got a Honda Phantom for 400 B per day and this size bike is perfect for the type of riding on the island.

All roads are paved and no potholes or other surprises seem to exist. One can ride the perimeter of the island in just under one hour without stopping, but stopping is essential for the various beaches and out of the way eateries near the water. Beaches are clean and the water warm and aquamarine in colour.

Interior roads are ill-mapped but exist yet turn into dirt with ruts and crevases and in some cases you need to turn back. There are 2 mountains, one of which is an interesting ride and no other vehicles were seen when I went up. Secluded eateries are there and the mountain is thick with healthy palm trees as is much of the rest of the island. Plenty of petrol stations though not an over abundance.

Prices a bit higher all round than say, Chiang Mai, but not by much and a variety of price ranges exist for guesthouses. I had a 3 room private villa with a combo indoor-outdoor shower bathroom all furnisned in marble and glass and in classic Thai furnishings with king sixe bed, kitchen, veranda, private swimming pool and secluded by carefully placed tropical foliage so one can shower outside and walk around naked if so inclined - price was 800 Baht per night.

The riding is not spectacular yet good. There is mild traffic congestion in the Chewang Beach area where all the Farangs seem to congregate for the bars, etc. Lots of girls but not overly obvious or obnoxious. Evertything is available. Chewang town is off the main road and is a narrow lane that is 1.5 Km long filled with all sorts of distractions for an evenings entertainment no matter what you seek.

There is a Tesco-Lotus super store in the Chewang Beach area so this remote place is not remote in material goods or services.

Primarily a beach oriented social scene one feels quite relaxed anywhere and the locals are laid-back as one can be. There are twisties in the main road and a few hills to climb making the riding interesting. I was not bored on my bike at any time. I stayed for 15 days and hated to leave.

The main road is always near the beach so there is sand in places blown and settled on the road so sharp turns need to be executed with care - I almost dumped once on the sand covered road riding at night.

This is a place primarily for a beach holiday and the place is yet to be spoiled. Not a riders paradise yet having a bike is a must and lots of fun here to ride.

-When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It.