Kohn Kaen 650R growing up


Sep 4, 2007
Well the little girl is part of the family now and has deserved a couple of treats so a few pics to bring things up to date.
Fitted Givi Rack, Cost 9,000 Baht. Akrapovic exhaust 23,500 Baht, and showing paddock stand 1,900 Baht. All from Kawasaki Udon.

Rack Stand and exhaust

Previously someone commented that the rack looked a long way back from the support, which are from the removed grabrails.. However Givi provide a bar which goes under the seat and is bolted thro, providing support further back, The rack is very solid and will support well over the claimed 10kg. It also follows the form of the bike and looks good. An extra bonus is that it is that the support arm is a great holding place when manouvering the bike around the garage etc. The original grab rail was flimsy and not so far back.

Closer up. The rack is made in Givi Italy factory. The part numbers are 449 FZ arms. Then M5 plate for Monokey systems, the heavier boxes, or as I have fitted the M5M plate for the Monolock systems which are available within Thailand via the Givi Asia Malasian factory, and local sales outlets.

I bought in KK a 33L Givi Point Monolock box. This was only 3000 Baht. Its stated load is 3kg. I only intend to use this locally, longer journeys will use Tank Bag and Tail pack on the seat and rack.


The box is well made but much lighter than the Monokey boxes. The box is not a copy, it is made by Givi, but for lighter duty with thinner plastics.
I have ordered a rack for the FZ1 also and will use the same principle, box for local duty, tank bag and tail bag for longer trips.

The Akrapovic exhaust is a direct slip on replacement. It has a port for the O2 sensor so will run acceptably without other mods. It is a tight fit, but it goes in without fouling anything.

It is about a quarter of the weight of the original. The bike does not sound like a lawnmower any more, but I have not yet removed the baffle to get the real sound. I do not use my exhaust as a safety aid, frightening all in my path.
The outlet does impinge directly on the rear slider that I fitted to give a support point for the paddock stand. The plastic parts in line melted within minutes. Two other vunerable things are in the region. The ABS sensor cable and the brake line. They however are far enough out of the firing line to not be affected.

I am very happy with the performance of the bike as it is, and will not be fitting any other engine or ignition boosters etc.
Everyone who has ridden the bike likes it and it is suprising that so many people who are not real bike people around me, admire it and think it is a bike that they could handle. This has not been the case with the FJR or the BMW. I think this bike will win quite a few people over to biking in Thailand with its price, availablility and good looks etc,, Well done Kawasaki.


Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Looking Good John 8) Love the Exhaust really Looks Good and a Big improvement on Original! A Guy here has fitted the ARROW Exhaust to His which looks very Similar and He claims made a Noticeable Improvement to Performance and of Course the Sound!!! :wink: See You soon I hope.
Cheers Ian!


Sep 4, 2007
Hi Geoff,
I bought the stand from the Kawasaki dealer in Udon Thani, he had quite a few different types available. I will be back up there next week, for the FZ1 rack, so will have a look and maybe take sime pics. I guess could get it posted up to you but surely you have something a bit closer than Udon? Cheers, John


Oct 20, 2006
The Akrapovich makes a really nice sound and apologies for melting your slider John.


Dec 27, 2007
Lookin' Good John!

My Arrow should arrive on Sunday and can't wait to get it fitted. Hate the stock exhaust.


Happy Trails!