konglor cave new road from southwest

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  1. title says it all. was bicycling highway 1E (hwy 8S on the gt rider map)
    from na phao to thalung, north of the hydropower station, just a few
    km north of natai (south of thalung), there is a new very rough dirt trail
    that runs to the villages at the south end of the kong lor cave.

    i was told by some cyclists they had ridden to the cave from the north,
    taken their bikes through the cave, then ridden on south. was told it
    "should" be possible for smaller dirtbikes to be taken through the
    cave as well, depending on water level.
  2. I wouldn't like to risk it going through the cave on a dirt bike in the boat.

    Pitch dark, only navigation is by head lamp the entire way. The canoes are small and they belt along.

    I went through end November and had to get out 2 times while the boat man took a run up at the small rapids to get the canoe over. Where I had to get out was rocky and slippery and had to walk over to meet the boat . Bicycle no drama lifting in and out. But a 130 kg klx or 150 kg crf.


    Thought I had some pics of the rapids here. But can't see them. Will post later.

  3. Here is one of the rapids in the cave you need to get out and walk over the rocks.
    I didn't include this in the report as the pic quality in the pitch dark is not great.


    Also the rapid at the main entrance.


    Pulling the boat over the shallows with me still in it.. Any more people and we would have to get out


    This is a busy tourist attraction.. Doubt they would let motorcycles go in with out special prior permission.

    I enjoyed taking in the scenery and leaving the bike behind :)
    Just wish I had my sandals and not their horrible flip flops.. You will get wet feet.. Guaranteed.


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