Korat Vintage Bike Rally

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  1. Has anyone heard about this? Someone I know from the US tells me he is coming next week to attend. I have been poking around the web, and haven't found any info.
  2. It's real hush hush, but yes, there is a bike rally in Korat on March 7th and 8th. I also have not been able to find any details but have some Thai friends trying to track down more info. If/when I get more info I'll post it here right away.
    See you there!
  3. There are some Thai guys really serious into vintage bikes here (Korat) , one with a collection of at least 30 that all run. I was at his place last week and he never mentioned it, I will ask him specifically as if anyone will know he will. He has everything from WLA's , Nortons, BSA's, Ariels, AJS's, and old BMW's, one real beauty from 1951. His name is "Kok" runs a battery shop.
  4. Knew I had seen it

    Posted by Capricorn on Suprbike forum, maybe I will stay out of trouble his time :oops:

    There is a tread running about it on Thai Visa but nothing more then the above.

    Nothing in Ride Thaialnd magazine maybe they will up date Suer Bike before March not much time left. Thinbk I saw a paoter on it at he Slow Rides nachinics palces but I wontl ahve time to check until next week, Bet someone will know omtjhing about it in Khon Kean, They made an annucment about one in Roi Et at Udon Bike week. Still havenl; seen a darn thing on it. John has done a good job on Khon Kean Bike Week getting info out. Bet they have a better turn out he Udon, since they didn't bother putting anything out in English. That one was surprising since it was sponsered by TAT
  5. Well I have pestered my Thai mates, my wife chased up all the good guys I couldn't who go to every bike week in the country and none, repeat none knew anything about it. She helped me search in Thai, on Thai forums and really put in work for it and she found nothing, except a rumor at Superbike forum, and on Thai Visa in English, and now here.

    Is this a red herring so many chase for?

    I given up, if Tony figures it out and we're up to it I'll be there if not I'll be in a bar in Isaan somewhere with the guys having fun.

    Yamaha will have a small trip out in March, so if it doesn't clash with our ride I'll be on that one...

    Cheers Bard
  6. The best I could find out there is a bike week at Pak Chong near Korat on 7th and 8th March. It is a small place but I probably need to go there to find any more info, my source says it is all bikes old and new not just Vintage, but then he said he might take his 1941 Indian so go figure. My Thai is not that good and his English is worse.

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