Krabi hotels with safe bike parking

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  1. Hi guys newbie here.

    I'm planning a ride to krabi from Kl around jan.
    Can anyone knowledgable recommend a good hotel
    preferably Ao Nang area.
    So far I've narrowed it down to

    1.Krabi resort
    2.Ao Nang villa resort
    3.Krabi Sands Resort.

    As the missus is coming along it has to be a good place
    say 3-5 star. And for me as i'm riding down , bike parking and security is a must.
    The hotel on the beach will be a bonus- hence Krabi resort is 1st choice so far.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated with beer :D :D
  2. hi,

    i been to krabi ao nang twice this year and rest assured u be able to park ur bike in front of hotel reception area or secured car park watched by hotel guards. No issues. i cannot recall the hotels name as my gf did the booking and we rode there from singapore. Its a great place , Hope u enjoy urself :)
  3. Thanks brother :D :D

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