Ksawaski Enduro - Last Weekend of October

Discussion in 'Festivals & Events - S.E. Asia' started by brian_bkk, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    G'day All,

    Another ripper weekend with Team Green.
    Absolute blast.. I need to get fitter for these crazy courses..

    The next event will be in Bangkok.. Either Bo Din.. If the ground is not too muddy or Red Bull Park.

    Stay tuned for updates as the time gets closer.

    The other guys Leif, Paul, Mike.. Had a blast too.

    Try and get along if you have a KLX...

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  3. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    This Kawa event is on this weekend.

    Saturday training day and Sunday Enduro classes.

    Location at Bodin North East Bangkok - Minburi area.


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