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  1. Treasure for sale
    going on to other things!!!
    KTM MXC 525
    electric start larger battery and factory lighting kit with headlite and rear/stop lite
    189 hours and 9372 klms on the digital clock (for real)
    6 speed gearbox
    automatic electric radiator fan
    13 ltr long range fuel tank
    weight 114kg ALL UP
    Excel rims 21 front 18 rear
    Red Bull sticker kit
    new chain
    new rear tyre
    modified seat and height
    modified stand ,,this one works !! stronger than the factory job
    alloy rear gear rack
    manuals and spares
    fully LEGAL import and registered in Cambodia
    spare Thai insurance plate, currently in Pattaya on temp import permit that can be extended for 3 months
    all very well maintained and in 100% condition
    Perfect enduro bike for Asia, with long range tank and all the comforts of a heavy tourer!! and still unbeatable in the dirt.
    Price 260000tb either here in Pattaya or delivered to Cambodia.

    just leave a message here or email direct ,
  2. figured out the system I think,,will see now if all okay

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  4. Just back in town from long visa run home ,

    bike still in Pattaya ad in better than new condition ,

    for sale asap
  5. drastic price reduction ,
    now for sale at 220000tb,,

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