KTM 640 LC4.. Khemr Regged. 130k

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  1. Too many distractions and too little time means I will put this up for sale for a few weeks 'as is' at a discounted price.

    If theres no sale I will then do the cosmetic stuff myself before ride season and use it for some tours.

    KTM LC4 (640 I think).. The paintshaker !!


    This was my Khmer bike and was originally a Duke II.. The Duke SMC and Enduro are all built around the same frame and LC4 engine so can be switched around without too much effort between the 3. I hated the Duke headlight look and so I did a full front end swap with the SMC forks and have a set of later version SMC plastics to go with it.

    Once I got it I replaced.. All of this is maybe 500 - 1000kms use.

    Pirelli MT60 Tires
    Chain and sprockets
    Timing chain
    Head bearings
    Wheel bearings
    Most cables
    Battery etc

    To De-Khmer it... Its running strong and tight and has a 40mm carb upgrade on it (old carb comes with it). Its a big heavy thumper not a single track dirtbike but its got huge torque and pulls hard.. Very hoonable ;) Gobs of torque, easy 3rd gear wheelies, well over 160 pulling strong.. Makes the tuned dizzy feel quite tame.



    Right now its mechanically sorted (bar fork seals) and can be used as is.. However included is a full set of later model SMC plastics in pearlescent white with the far better looking kick up rear fender and the tail light setup..


    To fit that on the early LC4s you need to do some modifications and welding to the rear subframe.. Theres threads on Thumpertalk and ADV rider going over it.

    For very little money it would be easy to have it in the later SMC look and with a bit of sweat equity, and much effort all the hard bits are there to have it more like




    I just seem to be constantly distracted by rides of a different variety and am struggling to make the time for much else.

    If I end up keeping it then I will add things like a vapor trailtech speedo or koso gauges, some new perches and levers, source the later look headlight setup even a set of copy twin akros slips ons made for it.. 2 tone the wheels orange / white some polish and powdercoat and with the white plastics and some GFX done its a lot more appealing.

    As she sits.. Because I dont have enough free time.. 130k OVNO.. Thats a 640 KTM with a solid amount of brand new consumables, for the price of a 250 CRF.
  2. Ohh I should also mention.

    My plan for sale is to ride to the border with the buyer, check it out of temp import in my name, give the buyer the ownership docs, a purchase invoice, and the letter of authorization to cross borders. They can then bring it back in under their own temp import contract. Both Nan and Chiang Kong have said this is OK with them.

    I have a fixer in Phnom Penh who may be able to change the name without me being there, given I can provide the photo they need etc.. And if not I would even help a buyer who really wanted it in their name by going there if they paid the costs.

    If the buyer wanted it in Thailand without temp import being legally done, thats not impossible either but of course, thats up the buyer to consider the risks. The legal registration and plate is a good value added.
  3. A further 30k spent.. Almost everything covered..


    New forward controls / levers and perches.
    New custom brake line
    New Zeta Handguards (metal / minimal)
    New fork seals
    New Engine gaskets set for a rocker cover leak
    New seat cover
    Powdercoat not painted 2 tone wheels (note the opposite color valve stems ;) )
    New wheel bearings and seals

    On top of everything new listed in the first part.. Thats ballpark 90k spent on new consumables, tidy up work, and sorting it out. Still not yet fitted a speedo / tach. But I think everything else is now covered.

    I am looking for 150k.. Motivated to sell before the 17th, after that a lot less keen.




  4. Hey there.. Still got the KTM LC4 up for sale ??
    If so ,are the bikes stationed in Kambodja ??
    Cheers.. Jo
  5. Firstly... I am really sorry for the slow response.. For some reason this forum fails to email me when PMs arrive or threads are subscribed even tho I set up notifications and my forum email is right.

    The bike is in Chiang Mai Thailand now. I just redid its 6 months permission to stay and hence the deadline I wanted to sell it for and I was working to has passed, but I have too many machines around so would be good to clear some space.

    Its a big strong bike, with loads of new consumables, ideal for anyone whose going to cross over to Laos or cambo and back frequently.
  6. is she still for sale ?
  7. Yes it is.. Not been ridden in ages due to accident (not on this).
  8. if your flexible on the price i might be interested. all the electrics working ok ?
  9. Sorry for the slow reply.. Once again I am not getting emails of replies to this thread from the forum, even tho I did get one from your first reply..

    I am not that flexible to be honest... I have 90k spent on parts and consumables and have no 'need' to sell it.. Given what I have spent sorting it out and what it is, price doesnt give me much wiggle room.. In fact given my DRZ just got written off, its currently my only road regged supermoto, my CRF450 isnt much of a road use toy.

    Plus as per the advert the 150 price was before the last visa run on the bike, as I am now on bike overstay I will cop a 10k fine at the next border.. So I will only see 140 of it.. The price I had it at was to see if anyone wanted it before I went into my next 6 months incountry paper.

    Thats just the honest gut feeling.. If you want it, and are here or prepared to come here.. Then sure lets talk and see if we can make both sides happy, but with what I spent I wont be happy to cut much off. Its a 640 KTM LC4, they aint common here.

    You want to talk it over.. PM me an email and we can see whats possible.
  10. sent you a friend request on facebook.
  11. Hi !

    I'm a spanish rider.

    It's an Awesome bike!!

    I have a LC4 640 Adventure '02 y I've bought a set of Duke II Wheels.

    Rear wheel fits well, but front wheel has different axle diameter. 17 mm on duke, 20 mm on 640ADV.

    Your forks seem to be identical as mine.

    Do you have the list of pieces to be made (with measurements) to fit the duke front wheel on this forks?

    Thanks a lot


    PD: I don't know how to send private messages in this forum. You can reply to me at juanmiroquai (at) gmail.com

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