KTM 690 SMC has landed

Discussion in 'KTM Motorcycles Thailand' started by DavidFL, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. The KTM 690 has arrived in Bangkok

  2. KTM also have the Common Sense to Make a Tubeless Spoked Rim? Now How do they do that? This was My main disappointment with the BMW F800GS? A Bike designed almost Perfectly in every other way and they go and put shitty Old Tube Rims on it??? I can't see Why all Motorcycle Rims and Tyres are Not Tubless?
    Anyway West You are a Lucky Man and looking forward to Seeing Your Bike in the Flesh! Now When is the 690 Enduro R Landing???
  3. Cheers Ian, West here, can't wait to pick it up maybe sometime this weekend coming up. I will break it in at Highhside Tours/Pirelli track day sunday august 8th at Bira Circuit/Riding in the Blue group.

  4. I will look into the 690 R prospects when i go there and get back to you.

  5. This is the ugliest bike I've seen in a long time!

    How could that happen?

    The 690 Stunt is an absolute looker!!
  6. Nice looker Wes. Looking forward to hearing your take on it after your go at Bira. Enjoy!!

    A mate of mine just picked up his plated 690 R. He should be bringing it up to CNX for a thrash in a few weeks.
  7. I've seen more pics of the SMC and have to say that it's not as ugly as my first impression was. The pic above makes it look that way, if you see the whole bike it looks much better. Saw the same bike in black and couldn't believe it's the same, the plastics look way different.

    So the ugliest new bike in my eyes is still the Gladius!

    It says a lot about this site that I can insult the look of a bike and not get flogged!

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