KTM 990 Adventure - My Mini Review

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  1. KTM 990 Adventure – My Mini Review

    Yesterday was the most fun I had in a long time – I took the KTM 990 for a 650 km test ride to Si Sawat. We left BKK at 8 am and got back at 7 pm. Entering the city I road straight to HD-Playground Harley party at Queen Sirikit, walking in smelling like shit after all day of riding.

    First impression upon riding the KTM was how light it felt. Although it weight almost identical to the BMW GS & Triumph Tiger; while riding, it felt so much lighter. I couldn’t get over how easy it was for me to flick the bike around, for a huge bike it’s extremely agile. The weight distribution was design extremely well – one uniqueness unlike any other bike is rather than having one gas tank on top of the bike, the 990 has two separate gas tank on the sides resulting in a much lower center of gravity.

    Another thing that surprised me was how stable the bike felt at high speed given the fact it has enduro style 21in front wheel fitted with all terrain semi-knobbies tires. I was able to reach top speed of around 210 km/hr and we were entering high-speed corners at around 150-160 km/hr. Not once did I felt the bike wobble or the wheel giving out.

    It is useless to compare the KTM 990 to the BMW GS/Triumph Tiger/Ducati Multistrada. That’s because while the other bikes are basically all-rounders, dual-purpose bikes, the 990 is a giant enduro (off-road) bike. The engine/handling/riding position - all feels like an enduro. Because of this – and this is very important - you have to treat it and ride it like an enduro (for example, lean out not lean in).

    Although the most comfortable, I never liked the BMW GS, finding it boring an uninspiring. What makes the Tiger special is Triumph legendary triple engine, the torque just keeps on coming. I’m not familiar with the Multistrada so can’t comment. Overall, I would have to say the KTM 990 was the most fun for me to ride. The way you can throw the bike around and how it interacts with you and the road – I had a grin on my face the entire time I was riding it yesterday – it’s just plain fun.

    Next week I’m going up to Loei and hopefully will find some dirt-tracks to test out the KTM – this bike was design for off-road purpose and it would be pointless to buy it without seriously taking it off-road.

    In the pass I would take my Tiger off-road which is just stupid, the bike is not design for it and I would be falling left and right. Since then I have been looking for a bike that can do it all, take me anywhere, and the KTM 990 is the closes I have found. A bike that can comfortably do 180 km/hr on the highway and at the same time cross rivers/go over desert/ go off the beaten tracks.

    The only bad news is I’m gonna have to drain my bank account again.

  2. Nice one Sukie.
    See you in Dan Sai for Phi Ta Khon on the weekend.
    How many guys do you have coming?

    If I let let you ride my AT can I ride your KTM?
    :lol: :lol:
  3. Dave

    me and 4 other guys are coming up but the number keeps on changing everyday so Im not sure anymore, will be bring the KTM


    ps ROBOT till 4 am
  4. Does this mean KTM is finally available in Thailand?
  5. Yes, KTM is now available, thye're in the process of setting up and not officially open yet.

    COntact Khun Yuth, who was previously with Britbike
  6. Sukie
    Any idea what's going on about the website?
    http://www.thailand-limousine.com/index ... le&Ntype=6

    I know they're taking orders, & in your case selling bikes (Yuth's a great salesman :thumbup: ), but how to order / see what is available via the website? :roll:
  7. Dave

    Yuth will be the guy to talk to

    He's coming up with me to Loei this weekend
  8. Interesting

    Just read Bike magazine (April 2010) comparison of Triumph Tiger, KTM 990 & BMW GS - and they said the exact same thing I did

    TO Quote -

    " ' But it's more fun ' says Tony. 'It's light & agile, aggressive and funky. It's what bikes should be, while the BMW is uninspiring.'
  9. Just got back from Loei, Dave didn't see you, too dame hot this year

    After more than 3000 km on the KTM 990 I can now fully say it's a much better bike than the BMW GS - doesn't even come close.
  10. Hi Friends,

    Hummm, this let me thinking, for me who has a GSA, hummm, not good.

    I choose the GSA as well for it's confort of riding approaching the 60's, I need "a pullman" and the GSA is one, what about the KTM ???

    Then, if it would be confortable enough, what about reliability ? Price and availability in LOS ?

    Choice of bikes in Thailand becomes interesting, isn't it ?
  11. Sukie
    Just in from Loei via Phu Hin Rongkhla this arvo.
    Sorry I missed you guys. I agree this year
    1. Too hot.
    2. Too many people
    3. Not enough "Phi Ta Khons"
    4. Too crowded for any decent photography.
    5. But I love the bike atmosphere there now - all those hundreds of small classic bikes & the young kids - camping out at night beside the road. An incredible atmosphere, so I will be going again next year too. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    I had an incredible run over Phu Hin Rongkhla too. I'f I'd know you were in Chiang Khan too I would have popped up to see you as I was also in Tha Li!


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