KTM bike dealership on Petchaburi Road


Nov 4, 2010
There looks to be a KTM dealership open on Petchaburi Rd in Bangkok. I passed it tonight and there are about 6 models in the window.

It located back from the street on the section of Petchaburi between 39 and Thong Lor. Directly across the road from the Wattana garage/showroon were they sell american vehicles and boats. It in the back of another compound but you can see it clearly from the street. I would have popped in but the traffic was rats after the rain.


Mar 5, 2006
The KTM delership are part of the Kunka Corp group, set up by the scion of one Thailand's steel-magnates.
http://www.showpow.net/index.php?option ... &Itemid=38
add helicopters[possibly Robinson?] & Morgan cars to their KTM X-Bow/Atom/Spyder & Segway brands,
and you've got the idea of Boys' Toys for rich kids.
Farangs expecting 'service' even at BMW's very low bar, will be surprised.
Read other posts within the KTM section to see their 'bumpy' first year start.
I uderstand that homologation on most of their road-going models will be completed soon,
and most customers should be finally getting their plates.
But I would hold-fire on putting any wonga down yet until this issue has been positively resolved & verified.