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  1. I happened to bump into Eak last night. I first meet Eak in 2007 and up till now He has been working for Triumph Chiang Mai. I was Surprised when He told Me that He is now going to be the KTM Dealer in Chiang Mai. The New Showroom will be on the Super Highway near the Main Bus Terminal in the New Square Shopping Complex which is nearly finished. As soon as I have more details or Information I will Post them. First Demo Bikes are supposed to arrive today, a KTM Duke 200 and a KTM 990 SM.
    Will be interesting to see once the Shop is open and they get some Bikes in. And the Prices?
  2. Would love a 990 but I think I saw it was also around 990k baht! Read a review of the 2012 690 Duke recently which would be a great bike for up here and great spec too. It has 70hp which is the most ever from a single cylinder engine and comes with Marchesini wheels, brembo brakes, bosch ABS and WP suspension. In Europe it is about the same as a Versys but here I was quoted 628k baht, insane!
  3. KTM have decided to maintain a firm luxury brand appeal.. Based on price..

    Lovely machines, very tempted by the 2012 690SMCR.. Tho would for sure bring in one from the UK.
  4. Well they're imported and so they're 2x what they should be.

    I thought ones imported from India would fall under some sort of FTA but I really have no idea and so I am likely wrong & it doesn't for one reason or another. The baby Duke 200 is made in India but costs more than 2x what it costs there...
  5. So how does that equate when a private person, can buy a brand new full MSRP bike in the west (UK), ship it, pay all the taxes, pay all the registration costs, and its still cheaper than the KTM price ??

    They (the Thai dealerships) can ship and import in bulk, so dont pay that cost.. They can homogenate the emissions passing, so dont have a per bike fee to do this.. And they still cost more than private people can make a profit doing it.

    Same goes for Ducati.. Same for many of the triumphs.. Its NOT just the taxes, its them deciding they want to be low volume 'luxury' brands.
  6. LivinLOS your spot on, the only way I choose to display my disappoval is not to dig deep and fork out extra bucks for their bullshit prices.
    Who knows how their pricing works, but on a more positive note, the bike scene is improving in Thailand slowly.
  7. Show me the math and I believe it...
  8. Show the math ??? You are aware theres an entire grey market industry importing bikes yeah ?? They do that because it doesnt make financial sense ??

    Jamie is flat out, containers of bikes coming in every few weeks, opening a new store location, new websites, etc etc etc.. Hes gone from an experimental check to see how it worked out to proper volume in less than a year..

    Jonny just bought his brand new ducati multistrada from jamie, turnkey and road regged because it was more expensive ?? Luke just bought his Suzuki because it was not the cheaper way to do it, Jonnys sizing up a 690 SMC for the ride season because its a worse deal than KTM direct ??
  9. And hey I wouldnt mind so much if they only set a high price.. Free market economics.. It gives guys like Jamie a chance to provide a better service.

    But what I find really quite galling is they refuse to supply parts or service to owners, if its not a bike they sold. I mean not warranty, but paid parts and paid service.. They refuse..

    OK thats bad form.. But then to be lobbying the government to shut down grey import channels, to introduce new laws and taxes that hit the individual and little guy and not the big ones.. To stifle the industry, recude choice and options, and maintain their high margins.. Sorry thats poor show.
  10. Calm down. I have no idea what you're talking about... I don't know Jamie. So... what are the prices they are charging for their grey imports then? Bike / Model / Price. That would be interesting :)

  11. Very interesting thread LivinLOS. Seems none of Us have heard of this Jamie Dealer? Maybe You can enlighten Us? I personally would not Buy any Grey import as I am pretty Sure it is only a Matter of Time before they will be shut down and then the Authorities may well go after all the Vehicles that had been sold? That wouldn't be pretty! And are they getting "Legal Plates" for all these Grey Bikes or are the Plates also Grey? How are We to know? You have a lot of Valid Points but the Legitimate Dealers had to go through a lot of Time, Investment and Bureaucracy Red Tape to attain Their Dealerships including Training Staff, Mechanics etc. A Grey Importer has and Does None of that? If they have to Chose between Servicing a Legitimate Bike Sold by them or a Grey Import it would be Common Sense to Chose their own? There is a lot to this Issue that People are unaware of. Everyone has their own View on it? Mine is the More Legitimate Dealers around the Better? Of course I would love to See better Prices! In the Next few Years Prices will come in Line when the Asian Free Trade agreement is in Full Effect, Then if the Dealers fail to bring their Prices in line with the Rest it will be up to the Consumer what they Buy? Some May Choose to keep their Bikes Overpriced and Elitist but I doubt to many? We are still enjoying a Great Era in the Bike Market for Thailand! Think back 5 Years and What was avalible? Now We are complaining they are Too Expensive!!!
  12. Hes advertised on here I thought ?

    Mostly he started bringing in enduro and trial bikes.. Thats his special market offroaders with full excise taxes paid. He can get legal green books, tho they presumably have a 'fee' to pass emissions, around the 80k mark for the book.. Lukes 450 just in a few months ago.. Jonnys WR450 (fully road regged too). Paul got both a trial bike and now a KTM enduro from him.. Darrens brand new Husaberg and a trial bike on route I think.. Hes a poster on 'the forum that shall not be named' maybe a little more than here.

    For road regging he needs to quote each bike separately. So I try not to bug him too much but I have run the numbers with him a few times (I also look at second hand uk bikes as I have family in UK to collect it etc) and ballpark 20 - 30% difference on stuff like KTM990s, Ducati multi stradas etc. Million baht bikes become 700 something baht bikes. The KTM 690 is 480ish with excise paid and ballpark 550 ish with legit green book if memory serves.

    Then of course if you do the same calcs with one year old bikes from the uk, they REALLY get cheap.. KTMs or Ducis at half second hand values.
  13. Vilayvong Guesthouse

    He was just selling a zero mile, excise paid, 2012 WR450, the new FI model for 380.. Very tempting toy.
  14. Legal import.. Legal taxes paid, import and excise, 'legal' greenbook on the basis its pushed through emissions. Hes been doing loads and his estimate prices / quotes for 'to the door' with a legit plate, came in each time.

    To me thats as legal as I need to be.. (If you want to grey book them thats the end users choice, jamie wont, its of course even cheaper then but thats a big gamble with a multi 100k bike).. And hes still cheaper yet KTM have hardly any of his costs (they dont have to pay 80k per bike once its passed testing per model) They ship bikes in bulk.. Etc etc etc.. So where does all that extra cost go ??

    Look at Jamies price from a KTM 500EXC, a hair over 400k.. KTMs is ??

    Similar price differentials on the freeride 350, which should be a low tax band bike anyway at only 350ccc. Here its going to be 485k, for a 350cc.

    They wont sell you parts !! I mean really ?? What kind of a dealer system is that ?? Thats spite not supporting the bike development scene.

    Given the ongoing mystery problems a buddy has had with his 690, sold here, getting warranty support but no actual resolution, only back in bangkok. I dont see much difference between KTMs standards and say Khun Eak or the BMW private place in bangkok (we all know how premium those service levels are from 'legit' BMW)..

    Yes the big bike scene is booming, and thats great.. But the manufacturers here are doing their best to stifle it, to keep it high margin, and to remain luxury only brands. They are lobbying for law changes and additional import regulation to stop people, thats not free market.. Thats how they want to play it fine. But I personally wont spend that price premium to support a dealer who wont sell an end user parts for the bikes that manufacturer sells.
  15. Very Interesting? Nice Web Site He has. Hope He can make a Go of it as I heard even Red Baron are having a Tough Time standing up to New Legislation? You are correct about the Service or Lack of it from a couple of the Big Bike Brands!
  16. Also, dont let my coffee fueled ranting seem to be against a KTM dealer here.. Good luck if he opens up, having a dealer in situ is a huge plus for any bike purchasers. The fact I am a cheap charlie doesnt mean it wont appeal to someone who wants the full service. I am sure I will even drop in to drool and chat (I want a freeride 350, looks like real simple fun).

    But a duci multi strada at 1.25 mil ?? Or the same machine, just as legal for what ?? 800k ?? Someones making too much.
  17. Finally caught up to Eak

    at KTM & snapped a few pix of the official KTM dealer showroom in Chiang Mai.











    According to staff, they've sold about 30 bikes.
    The most popular being the 200.
  18. They are taking the piss on price just like several other exclusive Dealers and positioning themselves as an exclusive brand based on the ability to pay an exorbitant rate
    Buy one from Jamie, or a KTM from the Dealer in Cambodia and ride it on a TIB - I am thinking of it

    Cheap Charlie or not, I object at being ripped off and will either buy something else or circumvent the Stealership
  19. "According to staff, they've sold about 30 bikes.
    The most popular being the 200."

    David, That's because it's the Only one Most People can afford!!!
    Robert, I definitely Would not Buy a "Grey" KTM! I am sure there is Trouble not to Far away for everyone Who has one! Also You May be disappointed? From everybody I talk too who actually own a KTM seems they are not really Suited for Touring in respect to what We want to do with them? They are more designed to Be raced so Normal Riding is Uncomfortable and Rough. The Faster You go the Smoother they feel??? Not sure if this is correct but I sure would like to have a Go on a 690!
  20. I noticed that they already have the SMC 690. Nice! Anybody knows how much it costs?
  21. on second thought I am probably too old for one anyway
  22. Well, I was a bit confused. Meant the Duke 690. The SMC 690 has been around for some time with a price of THB610,000 or something.

  23. SMC R is approx TB630,000. Think the SMC is no longer available. Duke should be more or less the same price.

    Look out for a group of SMC R riders early March in CM! Ripping tarmac to Nan. :)

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