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  1. They debut in India in March/April.
    My guess will be 400k+ for one of the Duke 390's

    I just picked up a Duke 200 yesterday, first farang (stupid enough) to fork out for one.
    KTM CNX Khun Eak claims he has sold 17 Duke 200's in 5 months. (Mine was #17)
  2. 17 in 5 months! I think that is even a lot for such an expensive "only 200cc" bike. I think if the price would be about 40k less they would have sold much more!
    And for 400k+ they can keep the Duke390 in their warehouse.

    Chang Noi
  3. Plenty of rich Thai kids cruising around Bangkok on the KTM Baby Dukes. I reckon for rich kids it's probably a great first bike. Had to laugh; was at Ducati Thonglor the other day and a rich kid was in with his parents looking at bikes. They were pushing him towards the Monster 795 but the kid really wanted a Panigale. I didnt stick around to see who won ;)
    For many buyers of imported motorcycles (even pseudo-Austrian bikes manufactured in India) price really isn't a big consideration.
  4. Yeah, its only a 200 cc.....But KTM knows something about engines.
    I have, seriously, never had this much fun on a bike.
    If you havent tried one, you should jump at the opportunity to try one. I did and was instantly in love.
    ODO now says 135 km on it, will do the Samoeng loop tomorrow a couple of times to get the tires run in.

    Not trying to justify the price, Im totally with you on that, but after trying it, I was sold.
  5. I have no doubt it's a ripper of a bike, and it looks great too, it's just a shame it's so overpriced here as I have no doubt it would be an awesome city bike. Enjoy!!
  6. Someone must have some faith in a bright future for KTM here in the north-east. They have a KTM shop under construction in Buriram ( opposite Homepro ). The Duke is a great bike, but that price.....
  7. I see them around the city everywhere and I can understand why - great looking little bike. All bikes I saw had Thai owners ;)

    I am tempted to be honest. It's not *that* expensive.
  8. I have seen a few KTM Duke 200's both in Khon Kaen and in Pattaya but none had an license-plate. They are selling them like legal bikes .... but has anyone an real green-book & license-plate for it? As far as I know Mityon in Pattaya is not selling the KTM's anymore.

    As the Duke 200 looks like to be identical to the Duke 390 one would consider to buy an Duke 200 and them swap the engine with an "grey" import engine.

    I also heard that in Cambodia there is an 200cc bike for sale that looks like to have the same engine but another brand-name but also comes from the same factory in India (Baja).

    Chang Noi
  9. The 390 is only a bit more expensive in other countries, from what I read on other websites.

    Is there any news on import/pricing?

    "Practical, cheap, cool and fun, for an MRP of £4,500 - only £500 more than the 125 Duke and £300 more than the 200; and £700 less than the Ninja 300 ABS - it's one of the best bargains going right now. The CB500F is £150 more, near enough to consider and certainly worth a test ride, but the fun factor swings towards the Duke."

    Read more: http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-2013-ktm-duke-390/22763.html#ixzz2XP1OpfTd
  10. But the Duke 200 is in Thailand much more expensive as example in Cambodia, so I assume the Duke 390 will also be much more expensive as in other countries. In Cambodia they said the Duke 390 would be about 1000 - 1300 us$ more as the Duke 200.

    Well KTM in Udon Thani has now an promotion for the Duke 200 (2013) with ABS for 199k. Could be an sign that soon the Duke 390 will be for sale, as I think nobody is going to buy a Duke 200 anymore if you can buy an Duke 390.

    Chang Noi
  11. The pricing is confusing - as stated above the CB500F is more expensive than the Duke 390 (which is actually a 375) in the UK.

    You can't compare prices of bikes made in different countries, the CB500 is cheap here since it's assembled here. Even the Duke 200 is more expensive.

    Since the Dukes are assembled in India, why are they still priced so high?
  12. The simple answer to that unfortunately, is the greedy government and their ' luxury ' import duty. Same goes for Harley-Davidson. Assembled in India ( or possibly Brazil now their assembly plant is operational there ), imported into Thailand and bingo, the price more than doubles compared to the UK and usa. I'd have my name down for a new Fatboy if the price was sensible......but then T.I.T.
  13. As with KTM I am starting to believe that the price hike is also a big part due to the marketing idea of making it a hiso-bike.

    Chang Noi
  14. There is a KTM dealer in the PTT Station across the road from Amnat Charoen Immigration office as another option for people in the Northeast.
  15. Where is that "other" KTM dealer in the North East?

    Chang Noi
  16. That is the one at the "scooter" dealer, right? I passed it 5 times! Then called the guy and he walked to me about 500m from the shop.
    I might be there this week to take a longer test-ride on a Duke200.

    Chang Noi
  17. KTM 390 official retail price in India with actually a higher spec than european models with real german metzler tyres is equivalent to 110,000 baht so should be less than 200,000 under ASEAN rules by my calculation as Imports taxes and vehicle excise are based on factory import price not retail .
  18. KTM Duke 390 for less than 200,000 .... the Duke 200 (2013 model with ABS) costs officially 249,000 but is now (until 31 July) in promotion for 199,000.
    So I would guess that the KTM Duke 390 will be between 250,000 and 350,000.

    Chang Noi
  19. yes well thailand signs the Asean free trade treaty , but then breaks it at will ,,,,the bikes should sell here for 200000-225000 based on the rules of the AFT but Thailand never abide by treaties
  20. No it isn't.

    It's cheaper in America, after being sent half way round the World, then hit with their import and other taxes than it is here, 5km away from where it is built.
  21. India is in ASEAN? When did that happen.
  22. The CB500s are cheap because they are assembled here; they'd be way more expensive if they'd be imported from Japan.

    The US is a whole different story, HONDA will sell tons of them so the profit margin can be lower.
  23. OK India is not in ASEAN , but it has signed the AFT with ASEAN and that should include Thailand,

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