KTM Gathering in Phuket

Jun 21, 2006
To all you KTM lovers up North, (you there... Robert), pity you couldn't have been in Phuket at the week end. It was the annual 3 Nations Charity Ride, and parked outside the hotel were over 20 KTM Adventures, some 600, and the others 900's, WOW what a sight to see.

All the bikes were from Malaysia, and 8 of them had just done the trip into China. Was speaking to an English guy and his pillion, and they said the scenery in China was absolutely awesome, the locals are working in the rice fields in their national costume, but don't like their foto taken. Also no pillions allowed whilst riding the bikes, so they had to follow on a bus.

He mentioned all the restrictions in the country, but said it was still woth the visit. Pity the KTM's didnt come on the day ride to Phang Nga, as I could have got a shot of them all lined up.

Pico came as well on his sexy looking sidecar, (if that's the right word..), and a few people were interested to see the outfit. There was also a German couple from Hamburg, on an African Twin, been touring so far for 2 years. And to top it off, a Singapore guy, now living in Had Yai, did the whole trip on his Honda Dream 80cc. He only borrowed it from a friend, and the owner doesnt know his bike went to Phuket and back. (I presume he got back, he was leaving at 4am Sunday morning).

Spoke to a Singapore guy on a CBR, he said he rides thru the nite, sits on 200kph, and does trip to Had yai in 12 hours, he said riding at nite, no cops.

The ride donates to charity and some of the entrance fee went to building a new classroom for the school in the navy base at Phang Nga, the whole school was completely demolished and had to be rebuilt.