KTM LC4 620 EGS Rallye, Paris Dakar, for sale

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  1. Hi,

    Model is orginal KTM for Paris Dakar Rally.
    Bike is registered 1999 for me and it was brand new.
    It registered in my name.
    Total driving kilometers, just 2000-3000.

    I have some digital photos if needed.
    Just give your e-mail add. that I can send those.

    People, who are interested in to see and make test driving by my bike, can go to Dirt Shop in Bangkok.
    Staff in the shop can also explain very well history and conditioning of the bike.
    Contact numbers to Dirt Shop are
    Fixt line: 02 322 1441, 02 322 1446
    Mob: 09 206 0615, 01 612 1925

    Off Road Regards
    Mob: 01 488 6401
    e-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Hi ,
    How much do you want for the bike ?
  3. Terve Harri,

    Olen pahoillani hitaasta vastauksesta, olen ollut matkoilla.

    Pyyntoni on 250 000 TBH.

  4. Is the KTM still available?

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