Lahu New Year 2004

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  1. I think I have lost count of how many different new years festivals there are up in Soppong! Anyway, following Lisu New Year comes Lahu New Year. The dates for the Lahu New Year festivities this year have been set by the high epopt of Lahu shamans to fall on 19, 20, and 21 February.

    Although all the Lahu people will all be dressed in their finest, you might say that the Lahu womens' traditional clothes are no match for the Lisu womens'. That said, while the Lisu circle dances might seem a bit sedate, the Lahu dancing (also in a circle around a shrine) is a lot wilder. Lots of foot stomping and jumping around until there a dust cloud fills the air! Is it because Lahu whiskey is more potent than Lisu whiskey? Who knows.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in riding up to Soppong for Lahu New Year and has any questions that we might be able to help you out with, just drop us an email or post them here.
  2. Burt
    Is it the gin & tonics or the Beer Lao - but exactly what month are we talking about Jan or Feb or March?
    Hope you enjoyed the pics I emailed to you.
    Did you catch up to Marcus again?
    Im off to Oz tomorrow for 8 days of family duties - cant wait to get back to the GT & haven't even left yet!

    Keep the power on
  3. Hi David,

    In fact I just emailed you to thank you for the pics! Want to post them on the photos section of our forum for all to see, or is the Lisu girl to be kept a secret?

    Ummm...I think I specified January for the dates in the first posting. Honest, I didn't edit the month in just now. Is it G&T time in Chiang Mai already this afternoon?

    Marcus and his mum are staying at our place now. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they got to Soppong yesterday, so that I could again put nose to grindstone in Bangkok.

    Have a good trip home...looks like you will be back just in time for LaNY if you feel like a ride after being stuffed into the iron bird for hours and hours! Hope we see you and at least some of the guys (if I can get to Soppong for it, that is).
  4. Burt
    No promises on LNY but I sure would appreciate some of Joy & Busbaba's fabulous cooking again. Not to mention a pint or two of Gin & Tonic - wow, Joy really knows how to mix a good drink!
    Re photos pls feel welcome to use what I sent you on your website. Don't worry about using that pic of the Lisu gal, I've witheld a copy of pics of some other super cute hot Lisu gals.
    Ive got a few hunded pics to upload on the GT Rider site when I come back from Oz - sounds like work too much, & that's why there's a big back log.

    Keep the power on
  5. I'll pass the bartending compliments on to Joy.

    Oh, and I did mean that Lahu New Year was 19,20,21 February (not January). I need to stop buying this cheap Spanish gin!

    See you sometime when you get baclk from Oz....
  6. Burt
    In Oz at the moment, but will be back in Cnx Tues 18th.
    All being well - if I can get my new rear tyre fitted to the Africa Twin straight away - I will slip out to Soppong on the 19th & personally give Joy my bartending compliments. I will also have the girlfriend Meow in tow, so will bring a bottle of Bombay Sapphire 47% proof gin.
    Maybe some of the boys will come to make it a good party.
    GT Riders, pls bring the girlfriends so we can all get some nice brownie points for Laos (& Cambodia?)

    Keep the power on
  7. David-
    Just sent off an email to Burt to reserve me a room for the 19th-20th. As you know, the grilfriend works and can't get away, so if you have an extra..........????????? Anyway, see you when you get back.

    Dave Early

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