Lahu New Year

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  1. Just in from the Mae Hong Son Loop & managed to pick up a hot little piece of info: Lahu New Year is on in Luk Khao Larm on 7 March.

    As there are a few other Lahu villages in & around Soppong you might want to ask around for Lahu festivities in other villages. My guess is the Mae Lana & Pang Kham area will be well worth checking out around that time.

    Check with either Joy at Soppong River Inn
    or Phen at Little Eden Ghouse
    if you want to know more.

    I was out there for Lahu New Year in Feb 2004 with RobertH & Silverhawk & was sure there was a report, but I can’t find it, so here’s a few happy family snaps from 2004....

    Above: The GT Rider getting some wood for the barbie

    Above: The Lahu rock band in full swing

    Above: The party under way

    I intend to be out there again. Anyone else interested?
    If there’s a nice group of us we can again make a charitable donation to the village headman, & buy school supplies – pens / pencils / erasers / rulers / stationary/ etc for the kids in the village. 500 baht a head for supplies would be appropriate.
  2. Why not i would be keen for a look? I will organise with you next time i see you.
  3. Ian
    Got 3 rooms booked at the Soppong River Inn
    for the 6th & 7th.
    Best to get there 1 night in advance, in case the Lahu change their mind & start the party earlier.
  4. Can I get in there on my 1150-RT or dirt bike only
  5. Hi Robert,
    It is on the Main Road to Mae Hon Son after Pai you can take a look on a Map. So no Problem with Your RT. Should be a Great party, come along. Give me a Call when you get a New Phone or send me your number and i will come round and see you. Hope your Trip to Macau went well.
  6. Back from the land of horking, nose picking, horn honking, pushing and general rudeness - had a great time.

    Old phone number still works.

    RT got a front flat tyre just turning into my place on our way home last week, and out to pull the wheel now
  7. Hi David,

    Count me in for 6/7 in Soppong and if I can take one of the rooms that would be great (can share also). I plan to set out prob on the 4th or 5th and do a clockwise loop stopping at Mae Sarieng if anyone is interested?

    Am waiting for Rhodie & Marcus as I think they are planning a similar trip.


  8. Robert
    The descent into Lahu Luk Khao Larm is all concrete, but steep. But you can do it no trouble.
  9. Hope we can Hire some Local transport once there as my Idea was to park the Bikes at the Hotel then Hit the wagon for some Fun :D , I don't Fancy Drinking then having to Ride Back? :cry:
    David you may have to Book More Rooms? So all those interested please Let Him know ASAP so you don't Miss Out!!! Should be a Ball with a Group of Us. :wink:
  10. Rooms now booked at Soppong River Inn

    1. Champa 2 beds 1,000 baht

    2. Leelawadi. 1 bed. 1,200 baht.

    3. River Inn. 1 Bed. 850 baht

    4. Rice Hut. 1 Bed 500 baht. DavidFL

    5. Bamboo. 1 Bed. 650 baht.

    Beds for 6 people. All booked for 2 nights.

    Please confirm
    DavidFL = The Rice Hut.
    Ian Bungy = whatever
    Pikey = Bamboo
    Rhodie = Leelawadee
    Hoghead = River Inn
    No changes of heart please.

    RobertH are you in?
  11. Hi David,

    Thanks for sorting this. Stick me in the Bamboo - 100% definite and also put me down for a 500B dob in for stuff for the kids.


  12. I am happy with what ever is available or Left, long as i get a Bed. :D
  13. Count me in for the River Inn

    Where will me meet and at what time?
  14. Probably leave from the X-Centre at "about then", early afternoon.
    Let you know the day before most likely.

    ROOMS now
    DavidFL = The Rice Hut.
    Ian Bungy = whatever
    Pikey = Bamboo
    Rhodie = Leelawadee
    Hoghead = River Inn.

    RobertH are you in?

    And if anyone's wondering about Burt (owner of Soppong River Inn), just got this in today

    "I found out Sunday that I have a detached retina in my right eye, and they will be fixing it today at Bumrungrad. It's not a fun fix with two hours of surgery and I'll look like I have been in a bad bar brawl afterwards. I'll be in hospital for two days and then the worst part is home detention for one to two weeks. And damn, it's my birthday today!

    Burt sorry we will miss you. Happy birthday & get well soon mate. Catch you for a few beers next time.
  15. I left myself a Bit Open to That one didn't I, Looks like i am Sharing with Marcus, Bugger!!! What I originally Meant was a Bed alone, By Myself!!! Any other options available??? :wink:
  16. Ian,

    Marcus is with me at the shop right now and I'll swap with you so as you get the Bamboo room to yourself. Myself & Marcus can share the twin bedded room.


  17. Rooms now booked at Soppong River Inn

    1. Champa 2 beds 1,000 baht.
    Pikey & Marcus

    2. Leelawadi. 1 bed. 1,200 baht.

    3. River Inn. 1 Bed. 850 baht

    4. Rice Hut. 1 Bed 500 baht.

    5. Bamboo. 1 Bed. 650 baht.
    Ian Bungy

    All booked for 2 nights.

    Thursday 6th. Meet at X-Centre 11.30 am for brunch.
    Depart X-Centre 12.30.
    Arrive Pai approx 2.45 - 3.00 PM.
    Drink stop 30 mins.
    Arrive Soppong approx 4.30-5.00 PM for happy hour.
  18. See you at X-Centre
  19. Yep, no extended trip for me this time so see you all at the X-Centre on thursday.



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