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  1. moto in cambodia have heard some disturbing newspaper reports about thais not giving 30 day visa exzemption at border crossings unless you show airline ticket out within 30 days i want to come tl in nov. with my cambodian reg. bike anyone hear anything?
    thanks moto cambodia
  2. Haven't heard anything like this. I cannot believe that would fit the situation where you RIDE IN on your motorcycle. They would want, and insist, that you and the motorcycle ride out again.
  3. I've heard some expat regular visitors to Thailand have been turned away at the Thai border when coming from Cambodia by bus

    Seems illogical it would apply to motorcyclists for the reasons Silverhawk suggests.

    You could ask at Cafe California bar in Phnom Penh
    Jim, the proprietor, was talking about riding over to Thailand via koh Kong a couple of weeks ago so he might know the latest.
  4. Not sure if this helps but in Poi Pet there are signs in front of the foreigners passport control desks that indicate that foreigners entering on a Visa on Arrival must show an outgoing airline ticket that is good within 30 days.

    However, a Visa on Arrival (VOA) is different from an Entry Stamp for those people who are passport holders from countries which do not require a visa to enter Thailand. So, if you are a passport holder of these countries you would in principle not need a airline ticket to show that you will leave the country within 30 days.
  5. I just went over the border at koh kong-Hadlek on my Cambo registered DRZ, coming from Cambo and going into Thailand.
    No problems, same procedure as its been the last 6 times I've ridden a motorbike thru that border since 2003.
    30 free Thai visa issued on arrival.(I'm Australian)
    Customs need to see registration card for your plated bike.

    The road from the turn off at route four to the border at Koh kong is sealed all the way but only one of the 4 bridges (closest to KK) is open so its still 3 river crossings via ferry.

    The second ferry crossing (from route 4 turn off ) had a very muddy approach (KK side of river) for ~100m there was 50cm deep slurry filling up the wheel ruts left by trucks.
    Prior to my trip it had rained solid for a week so that section should improve rapidly as the rainy season draws to a close.
  6. Got asked for a ticket at Pailin 2 days ago until it was explained I had a 1 year visa, was entering by bike. Seems like they try it on if they can, different at different borders at different times.
  7. Harry
    I'm thinking of using the Pailin crossing sometime in the future, havent been that way yet
    How's the road on the Cambodia side of the Pailin crossing? Do you cross at Ban Laem or Ban Pakard?
    Are they setup on the Thai side to process the temporary import papers for the bike.
    Do they ask for bike insurance at the crossing you use. (koh Kong-Hadlek crossing doesnt require Thai insurance for bikes entering Thailand)

    Just got back to Sihanoukville from Pattaya via Koh Kong, 9hrs on the DRZ at 90-100kmph, ~590km total. Once the other 3 bridges are finished it will be an easy day ride.
  8. They had road works on the Cambo side , pretty rough , just bulldozed big gravel, maybe 20 kms before Pailin coming from Battambang, basically dirt from Pailin to the border. We were on Yamaha Nouvas, did Kampong Cham (The Mekong Hotel is great at $5) to Pattaya one day, a bit long but OK.

    We were on Thai reg bikes exited from Nakhon Phanon (to Lao) no problems with the paper work, a bit funny actually, they had a Katoy working on the Thai customs stamping the forms etc. first time I'd seen that in an official building.The stamp says "Pong Nam" as the Thai side.Didn't ask for Ins as Thai bikes.Looks like they can do all the paper work as a normal border.

    We did cross the bridge at Strung Treng and hope to claim that as the first Farangs on bikes to do it, it was 8PM as we were late thru at the Lao/Cam border, imagine our surprise at seeing the bridge lights in the distance before Strung Treng, but arriving at the bridge it was " the lights are on but nobody home" a big 1m high barrier across the bridge, a $5 bribe to the drunk guards and the bikes were across the block on planks,(the ferry can be $5 each!) a couple of photos and off to the other side. Shit , locked gates on the Strung Treng side, police having a party on the road, a key found for the lock and we were waved thru gratis. Hiko can vouch for me, I'm waiting for his story.

    590 kms is nothing did 697 kms on the Nouvas from Lao Boa to Strung Treng in a day, mind you got a sore arse. Kampong Cham to Pattaya was the longest 715 Kms.The Pailin road was a pain.

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