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  1. I and 8 others are doing an 11 day loop around Hanoi in December, and I have some questions on some of the language basics if I may.

    I have seen both Xin Chao and Chao as hello; Chao and Tam Biet as goodbye. Is Chao the generic Gudday (Aussie), or Sawasdee or Ciao (italian)?

    I also have been told that to address someone older or higher in status, I should use ong (Uncle) or ba (aunt). As my group are all in their late 50', early 60's, it is more likely that we will be addressing someone younger. Can we use anh (man) and chi (woman), or even em try (little brother) and em gai (little sister), and what do we use for kids, or is this way to complex and should we just leave it all alone as we are going to get it terribly wrong.

    I am only going to try about a dozen basic words, but would like to get these right.

    Thank you,

  2. Xin Chao is more formal way to say hello, using xin chao or chao don't really matter, if you don't know people you may say xin chao
    Tam biet is again formal way to goodbye but chao does same thing again.
    you use Anh if man is little older than you and chi to woman, then you refer your self as "Em" they don't use em gai or trai word (execpt when joking) but only "em" to describe that person is younger man or female.

    higher in status you don't need to worry as it only apply to family members, but true older people are called uncle and aunt but there are few more but i cant write them at all :)

    little kids before they go school you call chau , so instead of saying "Chao em" you would say "Chao chau"
  3. I live in Quang Ninh province Ha Long. Let me know of you're headed over this way maybe I can jump in with you guys for a few days. I have a motart/dual sport 250.

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