Lanna Independant Classic Motorbike Endeavour 2015 Rally

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    The third annual LICME meeting was a fantastic day for everyone. The last 2 annual meetings have seen just 5 classic bikes running each year. But this year, we had 12 wonderful old bikes. We also had riders from outside Lanna join the rally, so it has become National. 4 guys rode classics from Bangkok, up to Phrae and then to Chiang Saen the next day. After a couple of days they rode back the same route. That's a long long way on a bike that is 50-60 years old! These guys are heroes.....

    Everyone met in the morning at Viang Yonok Hotel in Chiang Saen, who were sponsoring the event, together with Chivit Thammada Restaurant in Chiang Rai and Cromwell Tools from Bangkok.


    Joakim from Chivit Thammada Restaurant, arrived early and provided T-shirts for all the riders. He was riding his wonderful 1940 BSA M20, the oldest bike at the meeting.


    A couple of super late sixties BSA A65s.





    It was probably the largest gathering of classic bikes the north has ever seen.


    11 out of the 12 old bikes rode out for the day. Ian's 1952 BSA M33 had magneto issues, so stayed at the hotel.

    We had an even mix of 6 Triumphs and 6 BSAs.



    A very rare sight indeed. Fantastic line up of classic machines, flanked by the almost classic Royal Enfield Bullets from the North Siam Roadrunners touring company.

    The LICME logo displays a traditional pudding basin helmet and goggles, complete with the glint in the eye of the old guy who still thinks he's a young biker. The name on the logo is of course derived from the Triumph logo and the boots are complete with patch for the right side gear lever.


    Ian and Daeng explaining the route for the day.



    Khun Suriya and Mr. Gyan.


    The ride took us from Chiang Saen Lake, through old Chiang Saen town by the ancient city walls, along the river and up to the Golden Triangle.


    A wonderful Triumph pre-unit engine tattoo..... that's dedication..


    Khun Berm, in the original Belstaff waxed cotton jacket. He had ridden his very clean 1954 Triumph 6T Thunderbird up from Bangkok. He is a real classic enthusiast and knowledgeable mechanic. He even had an original old logo Triumph tank bag and 70's Craven panniers.


    Khun Tun (1945 BSA M21), Khun Lek (1965 BSA A65 Thunderbolt) and Khun Somchai (1951 Triumph 6T Thunderbird) rode all the way from BKK and Khun Tinagorn (1957 Triumph T100 Tiger) came up from Phrae.


    Mike, the Meriden Triumph expert, formerly of PSP Triumph Engineering in England, came over with Steve from Udon Thani.


    We had riders from America, Thailand, Sweden, England and Nepal.


    Ian & Lek


    Lewis leather and badge "Joseph Lucas, Prince of Darkness"....


    After coffee, we headed up to Mae Sai, for the long distance riders to check the border out.


    Khun Tun from BKK, was having some issues with his '45 M21. A newly acquired and gorgeous looking machine, complete with the wonderful patina of age, crazed paint on the tank and a decent amount of corrosion here and there. But seems the barrel to piston clearance was insufficient and the engine would stop when hot.


    Khun Berm's wonderful '54 Thunderbird, ridden up from BKK and never missed a beat.

    Someone adding flavour to the rice harvest.


    Khun Somchai and Khun Lek, both wearing waxed cotton jackets, who also rode up from BKK. No kevlar or armoured bike wear on LICME days...


    Khun Lek's '65 A65, also ran well. He too has the rare original English made Craven panniers.

    He bought some replacement rear shocks at the autojumble we had back at the hotel. The units he had on the bike and rode up on, were too soft, causing a bolt to gouge a groove in the rear tyre.


    Khun Suriya was riding the '71 Morgo Triumph TR6. This bike is now a 750cc cafe racer, which sounds great and is pretty fast.


    Khun Berm's '54 Thunderbird again, with custom painted Thunderbird helmet.


    Joakim's 75 year old M20 ran well all day, if a little slowly. Speed not a good idea anyway, the way the 1930s technology brakes operate.....


    Ian's '59 Thunderbird....... he must be on the phone to the missus..


    Khun Somchai's lovely '51 sprung hub rigid frame Thunderbird, ridden all the way from BKK.


    Adjusting the timing on Khun Tun's '45 M21.



    After lunch in Mae Sai, the classic ride headed back to Viang Yonok and Chiang Saen Lake

    Khun Tinagorn's very clean '57 T100


    Lovely red '70 Lightning


    and a black '69 Thunderbolt


    Back at the hotel


    I guess Ian isn't happy his '52 M33 didn't run....


    After we got back from the ride, we had an Autojumble. Many old parts were sold off; clutches, wheel rims, silencers, centre stand, exhaust cooling rings and loads more.

    Then the party started... new classic bike friends from BKK and Phrae


    The staff at Viang Yonok, Daow, Orn and Nooan, provided an excellent crackling pig roast and barbecue


    Khun Jub from the Chiang Rai Harley shop came with  his lovely wife Gratae. They rode up on 2 metallic pink sparkle Harleys..  looks like he's enjoying that corn.......




    Then followed a raffle of prizes donated by Cromwell Tools in BKK and run by Khun Daeng , Ian & Khun Vassana, using Joakim's 100 year old top hat.


    Khun Somchai collecting his prize LICME%202015%2050.

    Khun Lek won a very useful multi-drill toolset.


    ..and Khun Berm won a very useful 1/4" drive socket set.


    We then had the special award of the night. The LICME Golden Kickstart award. This coveted prize was awarded to the Best bike in the show, Rob's gorgeous and correct Amaranth red 1947 Triumph 5T SpeedTwin, which ran well in the ride.


    It was also Ian's 60th birthday party. To have so many proper classic bikes together was a wonderful present.



    Khun Jub and Mr Rob


    Ian & Vassana


    The day after the party, it was time for the riders to head home, many back to BKK.

    Thank you again guys, many of you for riding such a long way to come to our LICME meeting.



    .....and some more pics from a very special day.

    I think that is Joakim flavouring the rice there... and another shot of Somchai's lovely '51 rigid Thunderbird. For those who don't know, the sprung hub was Triumph's first move into rear suspension. That big rear hub encloses a spring box which allows the rear wheel spindle to move up and down a couple of inches.


    The T-shirts have the LICME motto on the back "we fix, we ride"......... and of course there always is a lot of fixing to be done......


    What a line-up; 6 classic Triumphs and 6 BSA's!


    Destination Thailand TV were also covering the event, so we all look forward to seeing the movie online in a couple of weeks. Then we'll hear some of the wonderful Triumph/BSA music that was playing throughout day....!

    It was a fantastic event, probably the best day of the year for most of the people present. To have all those classics riding out together was very special. Lots of discussions about Lucas magnetos, oil leaks, kickstarts and Amal carburettors......

    We look forward to meeting up again somewhere next year. Maybe we'll get even more bikes from around the country next time.

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  2. Absolutely brilliant Ian. Well done and congratulations for getting this event off the ground and such a wonderful turnout of classic's. Sorry to have missed it and for a cold London too but at least I had the opportunity to see the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum in Hampshire, so not all bad! Next year I hope.
  3. Nice one Ian.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Awesome show Ian - congratulations on a fine event capturing some true motorcycling spirit.

    I will try to make the next one.

    The Destination Thailand TV film shoot should be a beauty too I reckon - well deserved publicity.
  5. The Destination Thailand TV film clip


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