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  1. brian_bkk

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    G'day All,

    Last trip we were sitting in a restaurant in Attapue.
    The food was good and most importantly.. The menu had pictures = easy ordering.
    So we found ourselves coming back here regularly.

    Jim started taking pictures of the menu.. I asked what are you doing.
    Jim " So we can use these when in more remote places on our ride "

    What a brilliant idea.. Also took pictures of the menu to share on GTR.

    The menu is in Lao and Vietnamese.. So you should have no worries any where in Lao.

    We used these pics a few times with good results.


















    Feel free to add any others if you come across useful items

    Right click on the picture and save.. You can also save the picture to your phone.

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  3. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    Good idea, during my trips to China, in the “non smartphone” era, I always pointed to plates eaten by other customers, not always a savory idea :huh:!

    If I find pictures, I will once include some of my favorites Lao dishes like “Koi khai mod deng (weaver ants eggs salad)” and “Tod Daung Nor Mai (To Mir) (fried bamboo carterpillar). If not available, I might go for “Tod Tak Tane” (Grasshoppers) or Chak Chan (Cicadas). Kiat (minuscule frogs) are also a delicacy.

    I just had some "Kuan Chi Noun" (friend Scarab beetle) for lunch.

    Without going to Laos, there is a good place for such food in Loei (Baan Yai) and in Chiangmai (forgot the name). With pictures the orders will be less adventurous and it will be less risky to be served common buffalo or even simple farm chicken.
  4. Rod Page

    Rod Page Ol'Timer

    Good thinking Brian! The simplest things are always the best. :thumbup:

    I hope that someone will follow your lead in terms of VN - like Laos one can arrive late in given areas & face enormous problems finding not only a meal but a place to eat. Carrying photos to indicate that you are looking for food, accommodation, a great idea & the options seem endless.

    By the way you are long overdue for a ride through the brilliant VN!

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