Lao to Thailand at Huay Xai

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  1. I was wonderng if any one had some concrete information concerning crossing from Laos into Thailand at Huay Xai.
    I have a 125cc bike with Vietnamese plates. I have the Vietnames ownership card, as well as the temporary export papers from the Vietnamese border. Upon entering Laos I was issued no papers i.e. temp. import card. Even after asking for them they said that nothing was needed and I was simply waved on. I now would like to head to Northern Thailand and was curious as to what documentation was needed or if what I have is adequate.
    Any help would be greatly appecraited.
  2. Dan
    You should have no trouble crossing the border from Huay Xai in to Thailand at Chiang Khong, provided you have some ownership papers for the bike which you appear to have.
    Take a look at
    to see what sort of docs are issued at the borders of Thailand & Laos.
    Bat & her partner ... hichpage=1
    recently got into Thailand from Vietnam via Cambodia on a Minsk, apparently without any trouble, although they have yet to make a post with any details. You might want to email Bat direct & ask for some tips, plus remind her to post a report to help us all.

    Keep the power on

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