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  1. ray23

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    How do you go about getting the pemits to take you bike into Lao?
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  3. bill

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    In Dec 2006 I entered Laos thru Nakhon Phanom / Thakhek on my Cambo registered DRZ after being refused entry at Nong Khai
    Laos 30 visa, 7 day bike permit, 20 day bike insurance, were all issued on arrival at Thakhek.
    Bike permit and insurance cost around Bt450
    In Vientiane I went to the customs headquarters, 3rd floor and extended the bike permit for another two weeks to equal the insurance duration, no cost.
  4. harrythefinn

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    Assuming the bike is Thai registered go to your local registry and get a ITP for B55 for 6 months . Photocopy your passport, Green book, and just drive in (after doing the Thai export formalities). They will stamp your ITP , check the Thai export paper and send you on your merry way.
    ITP = International Transport Permit. These subjects are all in previous posts.

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