Lao trip planning stage

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  1. Hey,Im trying to plan a short trip into lao late febuary.I live in CMX in the winter and will be rideng my mighty phantom LOL.I do have the GT Rider Lao map,and have read many trip reports.My possible plan would be to cross at Chang Khong do the boat trip to Luang Prabang then ride to Thailand eather Nong Khai or Pakxan.
    I have a few questions,anyone have a boat or skippy the would recommend and how about the price? Are there boats going everyday?
    Anyone know the latest on returning to thailand at NK or Paksan?
    Thanks in advance...I hope to meet some of you at the toy run on sunday.
  2. Hi Al

    This is the ferry at Chiang Khong

    Come and say Hi, and can give you some prices for the river boats etc.
    I should be easy to spot on the Toy Ride

    Will have Kermit The Frog on board the Phantom as well
  3. Thanks John for the quick reply.Im looking foreward to hearing about your trip.See you and kermit on sunday.

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