Laos Attapeu Loop 2019


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Dec 21, 2018
Just a short thread to say that doing this loop in southern Lao was really amazing..and was a good mix of river crossings,loads of deep dusty roads, and I was most surprised to come across an abandoned town..maybe 80km west of Had me baffled as to why the town was just left as it was and everyone left on stands and on the ground cars over turned ..houses some not very old just left ..but as it turned out I googled the area that evening and in 2018 August a large Dam being constructed by Korean Co.(trying to cut costs) on a river north of this town burst and sent over 5 billon litres of water down onto the towns’s incredible to drive through this town and witness what damage water can do..and as I say it’s all been left as it was..there were a couple of people squatting
In old houses ..but none spoke English when I ask like what’s happened here..and
once I knew the story it also explained the massive road washouts 2m high that had me baffled and wondering WTF gone on here then..I did a GoPro clip on the town as I cruised through and will try n post it sometime soon..this whole loop was amazing as was all of Laos..what a beautiful country
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