Laos/Cambodian border crossing.

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  1. Has anyone got any first hand currant information on the Laos/ Cambodia border crossing at Veun Kham?

    The Cambodian Consulate in Australia says all border crossings with laos have been closed for sometime, and Im getting conflicting views else were.

    Thanks. Moto-Rex
  2. Rex

    Do a google for: vern kham

    Several hits from summer 2008 pop up which might be helpful.

  3. Rex,
    I had a client on one of my rental bikes cross the border 9 days ago - no problem.

  4. Rex,
    i also cross the boarderfrom stung treng Combodia to laos(vern kham)
    with malaysia registration bike no problem at laos,but at combodia site we need to pay US$10 as the custome say is holiday..under table money..
    that combodia laos ok only pay Bath50 with offical rpaper.. :arrow:
  5. Thanks for those updates.

    Ill get a visa for Cambodia in Vientiane, then head down and give it a go.

    Cheers Rex.

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