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Jan 16, 2003
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Last updated: 15:57 - October 11, 2006

Vietnam, Laos and China sign border agreement

The signing of a treaty to define the crossing point of the borderlines between Vietnam, Laos and China took place in Beijing, China, on October 10.

Authorised by the State President, Deputy Foreign Minister Vu Dung of Vietnam took part in the signing.

Under the accord, the three countries agreed to specify a place which is 1864m above sea level on the Khoan La San mountain (or Shieng Dashan in Chinese) as the tri-junction point of their national boundaries.

The point has been drawn in a map, as part of the treaty, with the three countries signing in recognition of it.

In July 2005, Vietnam, Laos and China conducted the joint planting of a marker at the tri-junction point of their national boundaries. The border marker is made of marbles, 2m high, and pinned with the National Emblems of the three countries on its different surfaces.

The treaty has met the common demand that is to clearly define the border crossing point so as to make it easy to identify and convenient for the three countries to manage the borderline. It is also in line with the principle that the borderline runs along with the water border delineation and does not change the national borderline which has been defined by the existing border agreements
between the three countries.

The treaty has contributed to completing the demarcation of the land borders between Vietnam and China, and between Vietnam and Laos, in an effort to maintain peace, friendship, co-operation and development between the three countries. (VNA)

Wonder if there is a road up there? Could be worth a look & a photo for someone adventurous enough? Might even be better then a hike up Lima S85?

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