Laos - Cnx and Nong Khai

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  1. Laos - Cnx and Nong Khai
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    Hi David and all

    The TDM 850 and I are going to be making the much promised trip next week. The smog of BKK will be behind me and I plan to head up to Loei, then into Laos and explore for about 20 days. I plan to get to Cnx at some stage of the trip and it would be great to go for a burn if you are free one day David.

    If anyone as any recommedations for the Laos part, please let me know. I have printed the trip reports and will pore through them this weekend.

    I have done the Loei - Nong Khai bit before and love the ride through the hills and along the Mekhong. I may even go to the Laos/Vietnam border and leave the bike there before going in for a while.

    I am assuming the details of getting an unregsitered bike in remain the same and Nong Khai is the best place.

    Kind regards from Bangkok

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    Yay Simon, great to hear from you mate.
    Yeah Nong Khai is probably the best place to try & get an unregistered bike in.
    BUT without a plate, two things:
    1. To get out on the Thai side you must have your "invoice import" papers, otherwise I don’t think you've got much chance. The officials on the Thai side are getting more serious about it each time I cross over.
    2. On the Lao side I don’t think it will work unless you have an agent do it for you. I failed once, & thought I knew what I was doing; even after I got an agent (my regular agent) it was NO! I had to leave my bike at the bridge car park for 5 days & hire a Honda Dream in Vte. Next time I just used the agent straight up & it was no problem, they even remembered me from the previous failed attempt.
    So, pls let me / us know how you go.

    I plan to be in North Lao for a couple of weeks right at the end of the year / 1st week of Jan, so if you are still around we might see each other on the road somewhere maybe?
    Keep in touch & keep the power on & lets keep the message board rolling to see how many hits we can get.

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