Laos December 2010 Pictures and Video

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  1. Video:-


    hs694.snc463445_176187645738509_100000418237810_52  5256_1175209_n.jpg

    156695_176187592405181_100000418237810_525254_2086  776_n.jpg

    63912_176187619071845_100000418237810_525255_13456  0_n.jpg

    163104_176187545738519_100000418237810_525253_6947  421_n.jpg

    63611_176187682405172_100000418237810_525258_47717  31_n.jpg

    157076_176187072405233_100000418237810_525240_4661  87_n.jpg

    33805_176187105738563_100000418237810_525241_59781  24_n.jpg

    154657_176187965738477_100000418237810_525269_1885  640_n.jpg

    157028_176187145738559_100000418237810_525242_3842  630_n.jpg

    72081_176187869071820_100000418237810_525264_79533  09_n.jpg

    63557_176187832405157_100000418237810_525263_39726  83_n.jpg

    68166_176187272405213_100000418237810_525246_36862  22_n.jpg

    156775_176187302405210_100000418237810_525247_1842  196_n.jpg

    155669_176188232405117_100000418237810_525280_3316  965_n.jpg

    163119_176187889071818_100000418237810_525265_4544  079_n.jpg

    156827_176187909071816_100000418237810_525266_7903  120_n.jpg

    68290_176187925738481_100000418237810_525267_27532  27_n.jpg

    65433_176187985738475_100000418237810_525270_29513  20_n.jpg

    157051_176188009071806_100000418237810_525271_1012  845_n.jpg

    63626_176188039071803_100000418237810_525272_58644  50_n.jpg

    162730_176188069071800_100000418237810_525273_2182  574_n.jpg

    163690_176188095738464_100000418237810_525274_5940  357_n.jpg

    68095_176188122405128_100000418237810_525275_69170  05_n.jpg

    58000_176188149071792_100000418237810_525276_58589  5_n.jpg

    155577_176188185738455_100000418237810_525278_1942  960_n.jpg

    162956_176188289071778_100000418237810_525282_3330  020_n.jpg

    155621_176187405738533_100000418237810_525249_3891  152_n.jpg

    162792_176187435738530_100000418237810_525250_5920  301_n.jpg

    162740_176187465738527_100000418237810_525251_2061  242_n.jpg

    151081_176187499071857_100000418237810_525252_5072  338_n.jpg


  2. Gday brian_bkk, so after this bike trip to Laos would you go back again?

    Thanks for vid and photos, and taking the time to post them.

    Cheers Moto-Rex.

    Is photo taken at Vang Vieng?
  3. Not 100% sure but to me this looks like the new bridge in Vang Vieng and, if that is true, the picture is either taken at the Thavisouk Resort or at the brand new "Villa Vang Vieng Riverside" which is located at the road leading to the bridge which incidentally is a toll bridge. In the "good old times" before the bridge was built there was a bamboo bridge for bikes and larger vehicles like cars and tek-teks had to drive through the river which was only possible during the dry season.
  4. yep.. it is the toll bridge.. the resort is still being built. The bridge was there 5 years ago when I last visited. looks like there are some pedestrian bridges across the river further down now..
  5. Hi Rex,

    I sure would go again.. this is my 3rd trip top Laos this year :)

    Probably get a dirt or enduro bike next time so we can take some dirt roads rather than the highway.. Plus the highways seem to be in a constant state of flux.. depending on the season and who is digging up what etc..

    Vang Vieng.. very nice town.. Just a shame about all the drunken tubers acting like idiots from 5 onwards.. Don't get my wrong.. I get hammered too.. but they just looked like fools unable to stand up straight and walk down the road.. Banging in side the vehicles bringing them back to town and walking around half naked with no respect for the culture.. Sure the locals are use to it here.. but... still not right.
  6. Thanks Brian. Great pics and vid. Rode up the 13 a couple of years ago on a rented XR 250. Really enjoyed it and bike was perfectly suited for the inconsisencies in road surface.

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