Laos far North Loop?

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    Please help, this is my first post. Todate I have had four motorcycling holidays with friends in the GT but would like to cross into Laos for three days and two nights. I would like to know if our planned itinery is feasible.
    To stay in Chiang Kong clearing customs the night before with the bikes . Day one ride to Luang Namtha for the first night. The second day to ride via Muang Sing to Xieng Kok where we will spend the second night. Day three to ride back to Houei Xai via Muang Meung. David’s map does not show a road linking Xieng Kok to Xieng Dao. It there one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chris Watkins
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    1. Happy Feet might have some news on a possible track from Xieng Kok - Xieng Dao.
    2. Why not boat it from Xieng Kok - Xieng Dao.
    3. GT Rider member since April 2007, 4 motorcycle holidays in North Thai & no trip reports - any chance of you contributing a trip report. As you say "any help would be appreciated."

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