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  1. Where and at what point in the process do I get Laos insurance if I take my Thai-registered CB 500 X into Laos.
    Do I do it at the border?
    Do I do it myself or through a travel agent?
    Do I need to do it in advance?

    Any ideas on how much I should be paying for a week's insurance into Laos for the 500 cc bike above.

    I have first class insurance here in Thailand but this is probably irrelevant.
  2. You get the insurance once you are in Laos, once you have crossed over.
    Depending on where you cross, there should be an insurance agent lurking nearby to sell you the insurance. Not a problem.
    Cost not more than 300 baht max. It will depend on what the agent tries to stitch you up with - minimum length of time.
    Whatever it is not a significant amount = to a couple of big beers in Thailand.

    Good luck & let us know how you go.
  3. David

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and providing helpful and prompt information.

    This is a bit of a last minute decision. I was just going to ride my bike to Mae Sot (from Chonburi) for a visa run but then I thought I might give riding in Laos a try. I only have 8 days left on my current permission to stay so I would be setting off in the next few days and maybe spending a week in Laos. I have looked at the information available here and I am torn between border crossings. I generally like to try to cross on border crossings I have not crossed over before. Current favourite is Tha Li - Nam Heuang (but not sure about the condition of the Highway 4 to Luang Prabang). Second favourite is the crossing in Nan. Third favourite is Chong Mek in Ubon (but I know I would never get up to Northern Laos - too many kms, I think). Failing all, it could be Nong Khai.

    Getting all my copies of everything in order.

    Cheers (bit nervous) :shh:
  4. There's a Thai consulate in Savannakhet southern Laos. Go in via Chong Mek , check out the 4000 islands then cruise up to Savan, get a new visa, then exit across the bridge into Thailand.
  5. Thanks again,

    I think I have decided (due to a number of factors; time, mileage, doing it alone, better reputation of crossing, fewer hordes (mainly Thai civil servants)) that Chong Mek is the best approach and then exit through Tha Kek - Nakhorn Phanom.

    I have a triple-entry visa so I don't need to visit the Consulate on this trip but thanks.

    Tha Li will have to wait for the next time, potentially February.

    I should be leaving Chonburi on 8th Dec. ;)
  6. I went to Laos. In and out at Chong Mek / Vang Tao. All on a road bike so I stuck to the main routes.

    I made it to the Vietnamese border from Attapeu. That road is fine but the last thirty km have numerous little gravel and potholed sections. There is a checkpoint at 13 km before the border (Laos Army) but they are harmless / clueless and just seemed to want to stroke my bike :shifty:.

    I have more info, accommodation, etc., if anyone is interested.

    Thanks again for the info on this site.
  7. You're welcome to post some pics & info.
    Where did you stay?
    How did you go with insurance which was the original info you were after - where did you get it? How much did it cost - for how long?
    Was the border crossing ok -easy or difficult?
  8. The border crossing was straightforward. It took maybe an hour and a half. On the way back it took about an hour and three-quarters on the way back. If I knew the ins and outs I could have done it quicker.

    Cost of leaving Thailand / entering Laos

    Customs fee Thailand 200 B
    Customs fee Laos 200 B
    Visa on arrival Laos $35
    Insurance one week 150 B

    The insurance agent is in a booth facing Counter 8 (Customs) of the Laos govt building. This building is 150 m after the border gate on the right up some steps.

    Cost of entering Thailand / leaving Laos

    Immigration fee Laos 10,000 Kip

    Night 1 Tat Fane Resort between Pakse and Paksong. 1000 B a night. Bungalows in forest by Tat Fane waterfall. Very nice but a bit of a luxury for me. No running water until 8 o'clock in the morning. No explanation.

    Tat Fane to Attapeu via Sekong. Passed a lot of Versys's all with aluminium panniers coming the other way. Think it was a Thai club. I am not sure if I could have used the direct route, east - west, from Paksong. Some locals in Paksong suggested I couldn't so I went the long way round via Sekong.

    Night 2 Attapeu, Keo Mangorn Guesthouse. 90,000 Kip a night. This guesthouse is less than a km east of the bridge. Tired old rooms. Neither complaining about it nor recommending it. Nice restaurant attached to guesthouse but noisy till about 10:30. Staff are unable to control their urge to sit on your bike. Cover it.

    Attapeu to Vietnamese border and then back to Tat Lo. The last 50 kms before the border have frequent gravel sections and potholes. East of Attapeu many shops and businesses speak only Vietnamese, not Laos, it seems. Before the border, the Laos Army asked where my "caravan" was. I replied that I am the caravan. It seems the Versys club of the day before had created a cultural precedent. A flock of wreathed hornbills flew overheard. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

    Night 3. Tat Lo, Silprasert Resort. 600 B a night for big room. The balcony is a restaurant so be aware of that if you want to sleep before the diners and drinkers retire. The resort overlooks the falls and the river.

    Tat Lo to Jampasak. Stopped in Pakse on the way for some anti-emetic pills and some immodium. Crossed the Maekhong by boat with a group of off-roaders doing a tour. Riding a road bike on and off the boat, on the sand of the banks of the Maekhong was not a planned event but I got away with it. Visited Wat Phu Jampasak.

    Night 4 Suchitra Guesthouse, Jampasak. 500 B a night. Very peaceful and beautiful on the banks of the Maekhong. I was the only person there.

    Jampasak to border. The road running up the west of the Maekhong is built to Thai standards and is in very good condition at this time.

    At the border, I bought a six-pack of Beer Lao Dark for 180 Baht. I am sure it is not quite as good as it used to be a few years back.

    I'll see if I can dig out some photos.
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